Thursday, October 17, 2013

BLOXTober Gifts; The Contents

With the BLOXTober gifts all opened now, it's time to examine what actually came out of them. Enough rambling, let's get on with it shall we? (poor formatting and opinions beyond this point. also note these were done on different days, etc)

Gift of the Dark Night                                                                      Night Bat Shades
As the first gift, obviously there wasn't much to be expected from a 100 R$ price tag but it was actually surprisingly decent even though it was kind of obvious from the gift's description as to what it was. Personally, I like the Night Bat Shades, easily some of the better shades to come out in a while.

Gift of the Survivor                                                                          Tiger's Eye Eye

This one I'm sure everyone could see coming a mile away, especially due to the hints given on the gift with the eyes and the description. Also if you'd look at last year's gifts.. Anyway, the confusingly named Tiger's Eye Eye I actually like better than the Ochre Eye but that's probably due to this one being a "proper eye", good job ROBLOX.

Gift of Ex-fear-ience                                                                       Vlad The Impaler, VIII
Another coffin? My least favorite gift thus far honestly, mostly because it warranted another infamous Vlad The Impaler hat. Specifically, the eighth.

Shady Gift of Spiders                                                                                Spider Shades

The Shady Gift of Spiders, not sure what to think on this one. 300 R$ seemed a bit much for shades even if they were well made. But honestly ROBLOX could have done more with this gift than just, that..

Gift of the Merry Prankster                                                        The Merry Prankster
Torn on this one honestly, I'd say I'm satisfied but I can't deny I wanted more but what came out was sort of surprising and unexpected, I like it to say the least.

Gift of Forbidden Magic                                                     Dr. Spooks Magic Top Hat
Something having to do more with voodoo or something with gold was expected, but what I got is excellent nonetheless. For 350 R$
I'd go as far as to say this is one of my favorite top hats ROBLOX has made besides the Green Banded Tophat. Kudos, kudos.

Horror of the Pack Gift                                                    Team Jacob...?  White Fang
 What is this, I'm not even going to start. Okay, composing myself a bit it appears this gift contained (unfortunately) an okay...? package. The legs and arms seem okay.

Gift of the Halloween Fedora                                               Jack O Lantern Fedora          
So it wasn't a troll after all, interesting. 750 R$ is a bit much for something of this low quality though. Perhaps 500 would have been better? Dunno, sort of torn on this one.

Sinister Gift of Autumn                                                                                   Sinister V
Sinister V, Vendetta, Violet, Vengeance? Who knows, but all I can say it's perfect. The lighter colors are odd in comparison to the broad, striking colors of the rest of the Sinister series though. But nonetheless, by the far the coolest of the 3, and now 4.

Elegant Gift of the Mad Scientist                                             Frankenstein Top Hat

I would almost go as to say this is a rip-off for 1,500 R$ because even though this top hat looks nice it's not exactly up to snuff with it's price.. I don't doubt there are those that like it though, so to each their own?

Shrieking Gift of Doom                                                                                       Shriek
A rip-off? No, I'd say it's more of the problem being the hat is way too tall. While it does look a bit terrifying, the problem is (again) it's too tall and the "black" on it is a bit odd to say the least. It's a mixed bag.

Fancy Gift of Fright                                                        Sharp Dressed Pumpkin Man
"cause every ghoul'n'girl is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed pumpkin man" Song parodies aside, this is sort of what I expected, but for 5,000 R$ oh boy this probably isn't what people wanted. I like the idea behind the item though, if only it was a bowler and bow combo..

Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny                                                                     Doomsekkar
Last but not least, the always fun "big" gift! Certainly while certainly less festive than the others what came out is sort of what I was expecting even though it wasn't Ghostdeeri. But what did come out, is interesting. The Doomsekkar, the "opposite" to the Dusekkar I suppose? Personally I like it, even if the fire only shows up on your avatar.

That wraps it up, the gifts this year I would say are a mixed bag, with some good, and some bad. But more good than last year. A lot of wasted R$ is to be taken in account for though with the fancy gift though, ouch. Although, about 7 or 8/13 gifts were good so that's a bigger ratio than last year if it matters at all now. Can't wait until christmas, even though honestly Halloween will likely have the better items but oh well!