Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hat Review: Spiderweb Fedora

Spiderweb Fedora

Spiderweb Fedora
Mesh & Texture: 6/10
Even though it's a fedora, which is sort of the symbol of wealth on roblox, I found it very unimpressive. The mesh looks brand-new. It may be a reused mesh, but if it is I've never seen it before. The texture basically just looks unappealing. When my hat notifier first told me about this hat coming out, I immediately checked out what it looked like on ROBLOX's profile. I didn't see any of the spiderwebs at all because they're so dull and are barely visible at first glance. Even when I stopped erroring and was finally able to view the item at full size, the spiderwebs were still difficult to see because they're so transparent. The red band on the fedora is a dark, dull shade of red. Despite a couple of flaws, it does look pretty awesome on your character, and it is a fedora.

Price: 8/10
The Spiderweb Fedora is priced at 500 robux, which I find pretty fair. The reason it should've been lower, though, is that everybody is[or at least was] spending money on halloween gifts, emptying their wallets to get every last prize, leaving few robux for non-gift items. It should've been in the 200 - 250 robux range so people could buy a decent-looking fedora and still have some spending money left over. Still, though, I think the price is fair considering it is a fedora and probably a halloween exclusive.

Overall: 7/10
Even though it isn't the most appealing fedora, with the spider webs barely being visible, it's still a cool item to wear and to own and the price is pretty fair. I wouldn't really suggest buying it as profitable halloween-themed limiteds are sure to be coming due to the end of the gifts.