Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BLOXTober Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

Costume Contest

Hello, Robloxians. During this spooky month of the year, BLOXTober, ROBLOX has decided to release something new, an official Costume Contest!

I know you're probably wondering, "Why enter a Halloween Costume Contest??" If you aren't wondering, then start wondering, because that's what this article will be about. I will mostly just be recapping the important parts of this blogpost, so if you want a more in depth look at this, read that.
My entree, if anybody cares to know.

First of all, here is how you enter:

  • Dress your character in a costume and save it as an outfit.
  • Using the dropdown gear next to the outfit, click “Download as image” and save the image to your computer (important: do not change the name of the file)
  • Go to the contest site, enter the required information and upload the image you just saved

So, now to answer that very important question that I doubt any of you have, "Why enter a Halloween Costume Contest??" Well, there are just a few reasons, really, most of them ending in fame from being in the blog.

1.) Exclusive Virtual Item

Yeah, the top three winners get an exclusive virtual item. It is unknown what that item is, though. I do suggest trying though, as the virtual item, whatever it is, will be EXTREMELY rare. Only three out of millions will own it, and if it ever goes limited (which I doubt), it will make a ton of money.

2.) The Halloween Event

According to the Blogpost, the winners will have a special feature dedicated towards them in the Halloween Event. If any ROBLOXian wears the winner's outfit, they will get a special boost in the game, unknown as to now. So really, you will pretty much get a free bonus in the event.

3.) Fame

Yeah. You will be in the Blogpost next week, which will most likely give you some fame. And fame is always good.

So, if you want a chance to get a ruper rare virtual item, free bonus prizes in the event, and all around fame, I highly suggest you take a chance with the contest.

Good luck!