Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Shady Gift of Spiders

Shady Gift of SpidersOn the fourth day of BLOXTober ROBLOX released the Shady Gift of Spiders. At a price of 300 R$ the gift is the second most expensive Halloween gift so far. In this Gift Guessers post we will be detailing what is likely to be inside the fourth gift box and so providing you with the relevant information to make a decision whether you wish to purchase it or not.

Our gift guesser theories are as follows:

1. The description of the Shady Gift of Spiders reads:

'You'll be throwin' shade everywhere you go!'

Now this is fairly difficult to decipher, but it could be relating to some kind of throw-able gear item in the shape of a spider or indeed its web. This could take the form of a shruikan style weapon with a spooky Halloween twist. In terms of the ability of the item, there are a number of possibilities ranging from turning enemies into shades when KOd or shadows spiralling out of the shruikan star dealing extra damage. 

2. The price tag is also an indicator to the item wrapped up within. Priced at 300R$, this reinforces the idea that the Shady Gift of Spiders will be a gear item. Seasonal gear items are often around this price, and it would seem a reasonable ask for some kind of spider throwing star. The gift is simply called 'SpiderPresent' when inserted as an asset into studio, which sadly doesn't  add any extra information or clues. 

However, take these predictions with a pinch of salt as the past three gifts have been much clearer cut regarding the likely contents they held. Either through the description, gift name, texture, or asset name - the contents have been hinted at directly. With the Shady Gift of Spiders this is not the case. It is equally likely that the gift will not house a gear, but a spider themed hat such as a witches' hat with cobwebs or perhaps a a Halloween mask in the shape of a spider.

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Editor of Roblox News