Sunday, October 13, 2013

Opinion: Roblox as Homework?

 Hello Readers, RayMan36 here with a controversial topic: School projects on Roblox. I know none of you can fully understand a practical use for it, but let me dive in.

I. Popularity
first of all, you might miss the presentation, head stuck in a toilet and all  I understand all things one might say upon seeing roblox. I know I've opened roblox countless times in school, and have had the most bizarre things said to me in that event 
event: onOpeningRoblox: connect(function

anyway, here's a few examples:

  • Ray, why are you playing with action figures
  • dude, that minecraft update looks terrible!
  • LOL club penguin is so old
  • Ray, that's a weird facebook photo
  • why are you online shopping at school? and is that amazon?
  • you REALLY have to pay 2,000 real USD for that crummy hat?
  • LOL I played that in second grade, get a life. Give me your lunch money.
Conclusion: Nobody knows what a 'roblecks' is. You can use this to your advantage, which leads me to the next section.

II. Practicality
I wouldn't say using ROBLOX in a project, particularly presenting one, is easy. Especially in my school; you can not download anything without being reprimanded. Also, the school's computers, at any given moment, could be hit with a giant meteor and turn extinct (dinosaur).
Listen: if nobody in this class we will do the project or know what ROBLOX is, one could say you were using an architectural program, and promptly give you a swirly. No, but in different eyes, ROBLOX looks different. If you go all out on a project, it would look so fine detail nobody would know you were playing a game. Transition.

III. Beauty and ROBLOX's own opinions on the topic
There are some places on roblox which are absolutely gut-wrenching. But when nobody has seen a quality roblox game, they think it is some form of art style. It's creative, nonetheless.
Furthermore, remember when roblox spotlighted Globe Theater? With my information, it's one of the only School Projects on roblox, apart from the one I am making. Did I tell you? I am making a scavenger hunt game based off of Harper Lee Collins' To Kill a Mockingbird. Aside, onto ROBLOX's own opinions.
With the facts I have been given (main stage presentation at Chicago BloxCon), that is roblox's dream. They said, excuse me for paraphrasing, it was their dream. I do remember them introducing the concept of once having major businesses using ROBLOX as more than a game, a tool. So using ROBLOX as a school project would be a definite plus.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

Gracias and Adios amigos, tengo que irme. Hasta la vista!
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