Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Sinister Gift of Autumn

Greetings, Nitro357 , Arbirator and DDude9091 here co-authoring together on perhaps my favorite gift thus far, the Sinister Gift of Autumn. Pumpkin shaped with an orange bow and several pictures of the same pumpkin in different expressions don this gift. At a familiarly expensive price of 1000 R$ aswell. Noted before ROBLOX seems to be ramping up the prices. As always, onto the theories;

My Theory

As always, the quote first.

"People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest."

Though it has nothing to do with the gift itself besides the word "sinister", the quote is by Hermann Hesse if you're curious.

Onto matters actually relating to the gift, the texture doesn't really seem to be anything unusual besides all of the pumpkins with different expressions decorating the wrapping.

What I can note about the shape though is it's oddly familiar...

Thing is, we haven't seen a "Sinister" pumpkin for about a year, since there was not one in 2012. So I'm thinking we'll be seeing the return of them, likely within this gift.

That's about it for me, turning over to DDude9091.

"This is my first Gift Guessers post (thought I'd get in on some of the fun). I do believe that most of the gift has been covered by Nitro, and I agree with him entirely. In studio, the gift is named "sinisterpumpkinbox", giving away nothing that is not already known. I really don't know what to add, so I guess that's it."

And finally to Arbirator:

"The shape of the gift is exactly like that of the Sinister Pumpkin series, with slight inclines in the mesh realistically portraying a pumpkin skin. The fact that the gift is called 'sinisterpumpkinbox' and not just 'sinisterbox' reinforces the idea of it being a new Sinister pumpkin (retexture or maybe new mesh). As I have said before in previous posts, something that is detailed in the studio asset name or texture title and not in the public title - is something designed to be hidden.

The only small doubt I have is that of the price - if I remember correctly all previous Sinister pumpkins (that were on sale) have been priced around 250R$. The gift is priced at 1000R$ not following the price trend, but hey, ROBLOX have been known to up prices in consecutive seasons. There is of course the small chance of it being some kind of other pumpkin themed item, such as the top hat leaked, or even a new pendant."

With that, another Gift Guessers comes to a close.  Only  2 gifts left and the always interesting "big" gift looming over the horizon.

- Nitro357, Arbirator and DDude9091