Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interview with ObsoleteCoolguy!

Today I bring you a Halloween Gift themed interview with All Things ROBLOX forumer: ObsoleteCoolguy
1) How many gifts did you purchase this Halloween?

2) What was your favourite gift box? Why?
Sinister Gift of Autumn because a sinister came out of it

3) Which gift out of the 13 do you think best deserved its price tag? Why?
Sinister Gift of Autumn because the sinister that came out looks pretty cool

4) What was your view on the variety of items this year?
I didn't really see much variety because of multiple gifts with the same type of hat (shades and tophats)

5) Last year a couple of gifts housed gear items. Do you think there should have been some this year? Why?
No, I don't think there should have been some gear in some of the gifts because most players (including me of course) just wanted hats xD

6) What was your favourite gift item this year? Why?
Sinister Gift of Autumn because a Sinister looking like a Darkseed came out (Sinister V). 

7) How much Robux did you spend on gifts this year? Was it worth it?
About 2000. Yes, it was worth it because I got all the hats I was expecting.

8) In terms of value for money, which was the best gift? Why?
Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny because it had a Halloween version of the Dusekkar (Doomsekkar). 

9) If ROBLOX were to do another Halloween gift event next year, what should they do differently?
They should make every gift different. For example: if there was a gift containing shades, then there should be no other gifts with shades in them.

10) And finally, could you sum up the Halloween gift event 2013 in one word?

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News