Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How ROBLOX Managed to Take a Perfectly Good Meme, and Ruin it in hours.

The Doge.

This was once a meme. A good one, popular across Tumblr, iFunny and other outlets, but it's life of seclusion came to an end last week with the beginning of a doltish and vapid scheme of ROBLOX users that overused the meme.

ROBLOX users managed to take a perfectly good meme, and make a joke out of it. A joke that expired in my mind in less than twenty minutes. This so called, doge takeover is even more proof of how our generation takes not only memes, but music, art, creative work, networks, games, and other variations of pop culture, and blows them up into an absolutely awful perspective. They attempt to make big deals of things that anyone else can see and do, and this isn't just exclusive to ROBLOX.

Define Slenderman; Slenderman was a highly popular (lets called it) 'meme' beloved and highly original.

Then, you had people similar to the general ROBLOX community blow it up. They made this Slenderman 'meme' into their variation of Internet Pop Culture and within weeks of doing this, the meme altogether started to die. People tried to make their own variations of "Slender: The Game" on ROBLOX, and other platforms and not only was this destructive, but it was unoriginal.

If you haven't noticed; I have an issue with unoriginal people. I suppose using memes in the proper way is a great thing, but making entire games of them on ROBLOX and other platforms is absolute lunacy.

So, the ROBLOX Community managed to take a PERFECTLY GOOD MEME and ruin it in hours through an insensitive and unoriginal attempt to make something comedic and dulled the meme to death in the wrong way. It was okay for the first 12 hours, but covering everything in Doge for a couple of days took it too far.

tl;dr: Stop making a big deal out of memes. They're nothing special. They look a tad silly if used in the wrong context.