Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Gears: Review

I don't really know what's up with ROBLOX, but once again, there was no gear Friday. Instead, ROBLOX put some Halloween gears from past years back on sale. I will be reviewing the gears put back on sale; Untimely Crossbow, Ghost Minion, Zombie Launcher, and Halloween Transmuter.

Ghastly Ghoul
I needed a Halloween image... Courtesy of ROBLOX

Untimely Crossbow
"Untimely demise? Untimely Halloween theme? Who knows!"

Mesh: 9/10
The mesh is okay, I guess. It looks like a crossbow with a pumpkin on the arrow, which is what it pretty much is. It is a pretty realistic crossbow, topped with strings and a trigger to shoot. It seems kind of stretched out and plain, though. It's a Halloween gear, should be some more Halloween decorations on it.
Texture: 8/10
As I said above, it looks like a crossbow with a pumpkin on the arrow. It is colored realistically with little shadows here and there. The pumpkin seems kind of plain though, as does the rest of the crossbow. Once again, it's a Halloween gear, it should look like one, not just a regular crossbow.
Price: 8.5/10
This crossbow is priced at 700 Robux, which is an okay price for what it gives you. It's ability is semi over powered, but still needs some work to it (read below). It could be lower, like 500 Robux or so. The current price isn't THAT bad, but, as I said, It could be lower.
Ability: 9/10
This ability is amazing for a gear made in 2011. You shoot heat seeking pumpkins that don't do much damage and have a long reload time, but that's not whats so special about this. You can hit 'X' to switch between two modes, Defensive and Offensive. Offensive is the shooting, while Defensive is something much more powerful. When you click, tons of pumpkins swarm around your body and fly to anybody standing near you and deals damage to them.

Overall: 8.5/10

Ghost Minion
"Heals you until you are more powerful than you ever were (150 hp). But don't worry, if you die - he will avenge you!"

Mesh: 10/10
The mesh is a ghost. A head, arms, a body, and a large hole where the legs are supposed to go. The arms have actual fingers, unlike many other ROBLOX assets. It really looks like a cool ghost, and is very fitting for what the gear's ability is.
Texture: 9.5/10
The texture looks great. It fits the mesh nicely, having a greenish color to the skin of the ghost, and a white, ripped up robe covering the ghost's body. It's face is plain with glowing green angry eyes. There is a nice use of shadows which aren't overused, making this item a great looking gear from 2012.
Price: 9/10
The Ghost Minion is priced at 525 Robux, which is a really nice price. It's not overly expensive, but not too cheap. It's ability is amazing as I'll explain below, so it makes sense to have a price tag like this. The extra 25 Robux in the price is kind of useless, though. It pretty much adds a few days of wasted time for NBC people to wait to get this amazing gear, if they can get the first 500 Robux, anyways.
Ability: 10/10
This ability is amazing. When you use the ghost, it is your almighty protector, and it flies around you. Whenever you take damage, the ghost will heal you, which pretty much raises your health to 150. When the ghost runs out of healing powers, it will go away. The great part is, if you are killed while the ghost still have health, it will explode. The remaining health points it has will be transferred into damage points to help kill everybody standing around you, which is pretty over powered.

Overall: 9.5/10
(Great Job ROBLOX)

Zombie Launcher
"Shoot powerful hungry zombies at your enemies. Watch and laugh as they chase your foes and bite them - stealing 10hp each second."

Mesh: 10/10
This mesh is really great. It's a gun with the nozzle getting bigger as it goes forward, some extra parts to assist in aiming, a grip on the side, and a grip on the bottom. There really isn't much to say about this mesh other than; well done, ROBLOX.
Texture: 9/10
The texture looks really good. The main gun is green, with some extra grey parts to assist in aiming, shooting, and gripping. The green gun has a nice shine to it, with really well done shadows along the whole gun. The one bad side is the center grey thing, which looks plain and I really see no point in it.
Price: 6/10
This price is kind of outrageous. 900 Robux for a gear that is worse than Zombie Bomb, a gear alike this that explodes and summons a group of zombies, unlike this one that just summons one at a time. The sad thing about it is that this gear is a lot worse than the bomb, yet the bomb is 100 Robux cheaper than this. This gear pretty much proves my point of ROBLOX admins overpricing things waay too much, for a longer time than most are aware of.
Ability: 8/10
The gun was released on a zombie gear Friday with tons of gears relating to a zombie humanoid that does the same thing as the other gears. This gear shoots them one by one, and they chase after people and eat them 10 health points a season until either the zombies are killed or the player is killed. The downside is the long reload time and the weak zombies.

Overall: 8/10

Halloween Transmuter
"Tranform anyone and everyone into spooky Halloween items!"

Mesh: 9/10
The mesh is nice. It is a normal gun, with many pipes going throughout the barrel and stock, which most likely holds the magic that turns people into Halloween items. There are two main parts to the gun connected by the pipes, with the larger one in the front holding where the magic shots come out, and the one in the back holding the trigger to shoot.
Texture: 9/10
The texture really looks nice. The pipes are colored orange/yellow, and the main gun is dark grey with cool lines for extra design. There are few shadows, but enough to make the texture pop on the good mesh. Too bad the price and ability bring down the overall score..
Price: 7/10
It is priced at 350 Robux, which is a little much for something that's useless and just for fun. It is a lot of robux for a NBC, and even a BC, and it's ability is just useless. I could see this being around 100 - 200 Robux, but hey - I guess the admins overpriced things back in 2012 too.
Ability: 6/10
Yes, it's just a social gear. I didn't expect much from it either. The description really tells you what you need to know, you shoot people and it turns them into Halloween items. From pumpkins to spiders to floating hands, it's got them all. It's only use is for fun, but it's pretty useless honestly.

Overall: 7.5/10


Best Gear - Ghost Minon
Most Profit - N/A
Most Power - Untimely Crossbow
Overall Rating - 8.5/10