Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of the Halloween Fedora

Nitro357 and Arbirator here again for yet another Halloween Gift Guessers, putting our mark on the 8th gift which is a bit more.. obvious than usual. This gift dons a green bowtie with a black and yellow box, with pictures of what appear to be fedoras around the side. Finally a gift that's more than 500 R$, this one has a somewhat-hefty price of 750 R$ which seems a bit much for just a.. fedora.

My Theories

As always, the description;

"This gift is a Halloween banded fedora. Seriously."

The description, explicitly states that what is within this gift is a fedora. To be honest, I don't trust this completely, if you'll look at the side there's also a top hat along with the fedora there. Not to mention ROBLOX is known for trolling if you'd look at the past gifts, (i.e. a bowtie shaped gift that contained a mask). 

So looking at the texture, the fedoras and top hats seem to just be generic placeholders to decorate the gift:

So, I'm calling a troll. It's likely a top hat or if the fedora is distorted to look like a top hat then I think we'll be in business. That's all I have to say on the matter, to Arbirator's thoughts:

"In studio the gift asset is simply called 'JackoBox' hinting that the gift item will be related to a Jack O Lantern, otherwise known as a carved pumpkin on Halloween. This could be some sort of new pumpkin head or cap, but is most likely to be a top hat or fedora. 'If the name of the gift in the catalog is a troll, couldn't this just be a troll too?' I here you ask. To that I answer: there has been no mention of Jack O Lanterns or pumpkins in the gift title, or description - nor any on the texture, they are hiding this part of the gift for a reason. 

"The top hat theory is supported by a Halloween themed hat leaked by several mischievous users. The banded top hat features a Jack O Lantern face imprinted on a button on the front face of it which would create a strong link with the 'JackOBox' asset name in Studio. However, once again, there are some doubts associated with this exact theory as the gift contents so far have all been uploaded at a very close time to when the gift has opened. With this top hat leak, it was uploaded at least 3 days ago."

As a closing note: at the end of the day ROBLOX could be calling a double bluff; it would not be unlike them to pull such a thing.

- Nitro357 and Arbirator