Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Fancy Gift of Fright

Fancy Gift of FrightOn the twelfth day of BLOXTober, ROBLOX released the Fancy Gift of Fright for a high asking price of 5000R$. This makes the box the most expensive of the 'smaller gifts' of this Halloween season, and the most expensive ever second-to-last gift. The significance of this will be detailed in the gift guesses below.

The Fancy Gift of Fright features a simple mesh and texture representing a 'bowler' hat of sorts. The texture features an orange pumpkin-like skin with a green band possibly representing a band around a top hat. A gift is never complete of course, without the ribbon and bow, nicely attached to the top of the box.

Our Gift Guesser theories are as follows: 

Pumpkin Bowler/Top Hat Theory 
The words 'Fancy' and the shape of the gift both hint towards some kind of smart looking hat such as top hat or bowler. In studio the gift is named 'SPMGift' not really adding much of an inclination as to the contents inside. Pbjms did offer the opinion that it stands for 'Spooky Pumpkin Mesh' but this is unlikely (we can only dream). The most likely explanation for this strange asset title is that it the acronym is actually a typo, and that it is supposed to read SDM 'Smart Dressed Man' which is in references to the gift description - more on this later. The price tag of 5000R$ - very expensive for a 'normal gift' along with the title hint towards a 'posh' item in the form of a top hat or bowler, perhaps with a pumpkin design, but most likely of  the main colours already presented on the box.

This is supported by the gift description which references the song 'Sharp Dressed Man' by the artist ZZ Top, once again linking to the Bowler and Top Hat theory of the item as it will enable to wearer to dress smartly as everyone knows men in bowler hats mean business. They are often associated with the old fashioned bankers who are smartly dressed (and nowadays; willing to give out ridiculous mortgages).

Gusmanak's Top Hat Theory
Now, hear me out on this one.
If you cast your memory back a few months you may remember a retexture poll in which Gusmanak's 'Green Banded (Orange) Top Hat' placed highly in. This item was leaked by several users but was never published to the ROBLOX Catalog during the sale or post-sale. The exact reason to why this occurred is still not known, but maybe BrightEyes had second thoughts about releasing it at the end of the sale and decided to hold it for a future Halloween release due to its colour sceheme. According to some users the ID was 'replaced' with another texture, which is odd to say the least.

This is going somewhere, trust me.

Due to the colours displayed on the original Orange Tophat, and the likeness of these to the gift's texture, I would say there is reasonable chance this top hat is within the gift. It suits the Halloween theme nicely and would make a nice addition to the top hat series. ROLOX have certainly not been afraid to retexture classics recently.

Other Theories
Of course, this could turn out to be all a ruse and some sort of the pumpkin themed package/ Halloween business casual could be inside the gift. This is the least likely theory, but stranger things have been known to happen.

Quote from DarkGenex - "it's named "SPM gift", SPM means somali patriotic movement, it's a flag of somalia". So naturally a Somalian themed item could come out. Hey, ROBLOX are trying to become more international.

That wraps up this gift guessers post, thanks for reading!

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