Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Shrieking Gift of Doom

Shrieking Gift of Doom
It's the 11th day of BLOXTober, and the gifts are starting to get more expensive. Shrieking Gift of Doom was published with a price tag of 3,000 Robux, really getting rid of ROBLOX's theme with the gifts this year, making all of them fairly cheap. The face on the gift, along with the description, really point to one thing coming out of this gift.

My Theory: Scream Package/Mask

       1.) The Texture

The texture has a face on it, a very familiar face. It is the face of the villain from the 1996 film, Scream, a villain called "Ghostface." As one can tell, the face that is on the casket of the gift is indeed a ghost face very similar to the one from the movie. Another thing pointing to the idea of a ghost package is the name of the texture itself. It is simply called, "TX_GhostPackage." TX means texture, and then _ divides the TX from what the texture is. A ghost package. This is really one of the main things that lead to a Scream package, but of course, the admins had to make it even more obvious...

2.) The Description

The description reads, "In space, no one can hear you SCREAM." This once again points to the film Scream and Ghostface highlighting that a package is likely to come out of the box.

Arbirator's theory: "There is small amount of doubt lingering around the package theory, namely because package could have been used to describe a gift box as in 'I got a package in the mail'. Perhaps some sort of ghost gear could be inside, one that summons a group of ghosts similar to the Forbidden Box released last Halloween. Alternatively it could be similar to the Ghastly Ghoul Gun, but in the form of a bomb that turns any within it's blast radius into a ghost minion to do your bidding. Of course, this would be slightly over powered, but let's remember; the gift is 3000R$."

Of course, ROBLOX could release something a bit smaller, like just the scream mask or some sort of murder weapon gear, but the gift is 3,000 Robux, so that's unlikely. I'd say this gift is a gamble, if you have the money to spend then buy it as it is most likely to be a good item. If you are on a budget and would like to see what else comes out this Halloween, I'd say save your money for spooky limiteds or other seasonal items. 

~pbjms and Arbirator~