Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Interview with Dulexo!

Greetings fellow ROBLOXians, today I bring you the second Halloween Gift interview! This time I caught up with well known forumer: Deluxo

Dulexo1) How many gifts did you purchase this year? How much total Robux did this amount to? 
I purchased 5 gifts, with about 2,500 ROBUCK's. 

2) Would you say this Robux was well spent? Why? 
No... The only item I even had any attraction to was the spooks top hat. 

3) Which was your favourite gift item? Why?
Neither I would have to say.

4) In comparison with previous Halloween gifts, what is your opinion on this year's?
Pretty bad, last years gifts were a little bit better for a lower price, it looks like if the prices had raised and you received lower worth items.

5) Out of the gifts you purchased, which what was the best value item? Why?
Probably the spooks top hat, heheheh.

6) This year's gift event lacked gear items, what are your views on this?
I don't really buy gear, the only gear I use are energy swords and power ups, ie; gravity spring.

7) What was the best looking gift box this year? 
I'd say the shady gift of spiders, it looked pretty cool. 

8) What are your views on the Doomsekkar hat? 
It threw the dusekbar through the window! 

9) What should ROBLOX do differently next year?

10) If you could sum up the Halloween Gifts 2013 in one word, what would it be?
I'd have to say.................. Spooky.