Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Horror of the Pack Gift

On the seventh day of BLOXTober ROBLOX gave to us, a moon-shaped gift with a red bow and scratch marks on the front. After that oddly specific mockup of an incorrectly seasonal carol, it's time for another gift guessers, this time looking at the Horror of the Pack Gift.
Priced at 500 R$ it is, once again, the most expensive gift next to the Gift of the Survivor, which if I may note had tiger stripes, and this is a gift based around wolves so it's kind of an opposite thing with the tiger and wolves, cats and dogs.. yeah.

Gift guesser theories:
As far as a theory goes, we'll just start with the description;

"The werewolf instinctively seeks to kill the thing it loves best."

Though I found where this quote was from what a quick Google, I will credit user TDI1 anyway since he wanted some kind of credit. Anyway, the quote is from somewhat obscure film/novel Werewolf of London but this doesn't give much insight on the gift itself, kind of just there for dramatic effect which I don't mind at all. 

I don't have much else on this gift except it will likely have something relating to claws, since the front is scratched up. Unfortunately, I don't have much hope for the past wolf gifts since they haven't exactly been the best ever (think back to 2012), but who knows perhaps this one will actually redeem the "wolf gift hierarchy"? Perhaps the gift could be some kind of werewolf head, or even a new pair of claws - this was done last year however, so it's unlikely. 

Not much to this gift honestly, let's just hope we see some more expensive and interesting ones in the coming days.

Arbirator's theories: 

"Perhaps a gear that enables your character to turn into a fully fledged werewolf in-game, complete with increased speed, a werewolf skin (possibly an existing body package) and some kind of attack.It could increase your attack damage and possibly increase the amount of hitpoints your player has when used".
"The gear could perhaps contain the ability to turn the user into a werewolf through the result of a transformation animation, but most importantly a 'fury mode' of sorts (that the players is unable to control) with the werewolf ripping apart anything or anyone foolish enough to stand nearby. This could come complete with a script turning the in-game time to night with a full moon at the highest point in the sky". 

-Nitro357 and Arbirator