Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of the Merry Prankster

On the fifth! day of BLOXTober there released the Gift of the Merry Prankster which dons a cheap price of  250 R$. It seems ROBLOX is trying to get all of the cheap gifts done first before moving on to the ones in the 750-5,000-ish range. The gift is in a wide trapezoid-like shape and has a purple bow stretching up from the top and going down to the bottom. The only real notable thing though is the dancing skeletons around the side.

My Theories

“We can either laugh in the face of death or die trying not to.”

A quick google of this phrase from the gift's description led to my only conclusion of it being a quote from one of the author James Grippando's books. So there's pretty much no leads there. Taking a look at the gift in studio, there's nothing of significance under the gift or in the name, it's just called "SkeletonGift".

There was only one other skeleton gift before that one but that was a BC only gift that was made last year and contained a fedora, nothing strange like this.

I'm just going to go off of my instincts and say this will probably be a skeleton mask, or a face. Since it is the "Gift of the Merry Prankster", not to mention 250 R$ doesn't net much in terms of gifts but who knows this could be quite good. Call me really optimistic, but if this is a "Darkseed Skeleton" mask then that would be even better.

An alternate set of theories from Arbirator;

"the gift's texture image is called 'SkeletonJesterGift' suggesting that it will have some kind of jester related item inside. This would most likely be jester's cap - the like we have seen on ROBLOX before, but perhaps with a Halloween twist - a spooky shape or colour scheme. Sticking with this jester theme, it could also house a set of juggling balls - though this is less likely"

"by use of the word 'Prankster', the scheming mind of Sorcus could be involved. This would mean the item inside could have some sort of 'trolling theme' such as the Troll Faic hat that came out of the Surly Gift of Sorcus or Sorcus Chair that came out the Surly Gift of Sorcuss II: Still Surly'. 

Besides that, I'm out of things to say about this rather cryptic gift, share your findings below if you'd like.

-Nitro357 and Arbirator