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Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour Guide

Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour

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Hello! Recently, ROBLOX release their Halloween Event, The Witching Hour. The goal of the Event is to explore through a GIANT map (20,000 x 20,000 Studs), collecting loot in houses and completing quests by admins. Once you completely finish the admin's quest, you will get their "BLOXikin," once you have all of the BLOXikins, you will then harness the power to defeat the evil Bloxhilda and save Bloxburg. So, for this post I'm going to be going over some of the major aspects of the game; Admins and their Quests, The Shop, and The Map.

Note: Parts marked with (Not Complete) will be updated as the game is updated, or parts that I did not finish/know about yet.

Admins and their Quests

There are many admins hidden throughout the game. Each one has a unique quest, and each one has a sub-quest with a different character that is near their location. Once you fully complete their quest, you will get their BLOXikin.

Note: An easy way to find admins is to zoom out on your map and look for Pumpkin Landmark symbols.

Builderman- Once you spawn, it is VERY simple to find Builderman. Simply go up the steps of the town hall. Builderman's quest requires you to collect a total of 4 wooden planks (you collect items by going to houses, ringing the doorbell, and fighting wolves and spiders inside). After you collect the planks and give them to him, he sends you to my buddy Frazzled Jim. Jim's quest is to collect 8 Jack-O-Lanterns. After that, Jim gives you a vial to use to start the ReeseMcBlox quest, I'll get to that later. Anyway, return to Builderman, he requires you to dress your companion as a skeleton, then you get his BLOXikin.

ReeseMcBlox- ReeseMcBlox is kind of tough to find. It's easy to zoom out on your map and find the landmark for her. She is somewhere south of Builderman, and a bit east. Her first quest requires you to find MajorTom4321, who will give you a quest to find 10 Spider Legs by looting houses. After that, she will send you back to Reese, who will ask for pieces of Candy Corn, and then 6 haunted pumpkin seeds. Majortom will then ask you to go see Brighteyes, after a pointless visit, Reese will give you her BLOXikin after you dress your companion as a witch.

Brighteyes- Brighteyes is another simple admin to find. Go all the way north up the map until you reach a long line of mountains, then continue east. You should come upon two mansions, a white one for Shedletsky, and a purple one for Brighteyes. Brighteyes' quest requires you to kill 17 Purple Fuzzy Spiders in the arenas. After that, she requests her dance ray gun. You have to travel to Jeditkacheff (I'll explain later), and he'll give you it. Brighteyes then requests for you to dress your companion as a vampire, then she will give you her BLOXikin.

Shedletksy- Shedletsky is directly across the road from Brighteyes, so it's not that hard to find him. His quest requires you to collect 6 Black Iron Ingots to help him build some insane mech suit. He then sends you to Telamom who is behind his house. Telamom will send you out to find 13 swords to add to the mech suit. Shedletsky then needs 19 pieces to help remake his BLOXikin. Once you completely make it, you are awarded his BLOXikin. Also, afterward, Telamom asks you to collect 61 chicken legs for quest chests. If you do that, good luck (It took me about 3 hours total).

Jeditkacheff- Jedit is a tough to find admin, on your way to Brighteyes and Shedletsky, you have to take a south on a line of three straight roads pointing south. You will have to pass around a river in order to get to a swamp where he is. His quest requires you to kill 15 swamp wolves (green wolves found around the swamp houses). After that, you have to find his buddy CodeWriter, who will ask you to collect 8 Spider Fangs. After that, Jedit asks you to dress your companion as a swamp monster, but just do the same thing as brighteyes and builderman, and then you can get your BLOXikin.

Tarabyte- Tarabyte is another tough admin to find. If you go all the way to the west, then to the south, you need to take a left when you get blocked off by water and keep walking. Tarabyte's house should be around there. First Tarabyte asks you to find her 5 paintbrushes. She then sends you off to Coatp0cketninja, who asks for 15 sewing needles. Back at Tarabyte, you are required to kill 17 howlers (large brown wolves). After that, Tarabyte asks you to dress your pet as a cat (no, not with the cat companion, with the items). You are then awarded her BLOXikin.

ChiefJustus- While you make your way around the river in desperate need of Sorcus, you should find a large above-ground cave with ChiefJustus inside chilling in a pool of lava. He is also DIRECTLY east of Tarabyte, but a river separates them. His first quest is to defeat 20 purple monsters. After that, you need to find Keith his 13 bags of candy. You then have to dress up your companion as a demon to get ChiefJustus' BLOXikin.

OstrichSized- OstrichSized is at a giant pyramid which is east of Fusroblox, but a bit tough to find. He first requests for you to see Matt Dusek, who will ask for you to kill 10 Scare-ubs. After that, Matt will ask your for 10 Squeaky Scarab toys. OstrichSized will then ask you to get Creeper Crunchies for the Creature Keeper. After you turn those in, you have to kill 20 Desert Jackals. After you do that, you have one last quest for Ostrich: dress your companion as a mummy, then, you will FINALLY get your BLOXikin.

StickMasterLuke- Stickmasterluke is southeast of Brighteyes and Shedletsky at a barn that is featured in Natural Disaster Survival. His first quest asks for you to get him antidotes. After that, you need to go to jmargh up on the silo, who will ask for you to collect 12 arrows. Once you collect the arrows, you have to defeat 20 zombies. After that, you have to collect 16 T-Bone steaks. Once you're done with all those, you can finally start collecting the Zombie Pet Costumes and get his BLOXikin!

Fusroblox- Fusroblox is far south from Stickmasterluke at a giant castle. His first quest is to find his 12 lost marbles. You then have to find him 15 Nuts and Bolts. You then have to go find totbl who is under the bridge. He will ask for you to kill 17 blood fangs. After you complete all that, you will have to complete the Frankenstein Companion set, then you will get Fusroblox's BLOXikin.

OnlyTwentyCharacters- OnlyTwentyCharacters is at the southeast corner of the map next to some mountains, he is a bit annoying to find due to the mountains around him. His first quest asks for you to get him 20 matches. Twenty then sends you to Dbapostle, who asks for 11 Dog Treats. You then have to kill 13 Ghost Spiders for him. Once those quests are completed, you will then have to complete the Werewolf Companion Set to get OnlyTwentyCharacters' BLOXikin.

SolarCrane- SolarCrane is east of OnlyTwentyCharacters at a giant wooden house. The hardest part about finding him is climbing up the house. His first quest is to find 10 candles. After that, you have to defeat 20 Ghost Wolves. After that, you have to go to Raeglyn who requests 13 Spirit Box Pieces. She will then request for you to kill 20 Ghosts. After that, you have to complete the Ghost Companion Set to get SolarCrane's BLOXikin.

Sorcus- Sorcus is probably the hardest to get to. He is simply at the southwest corner of the map, but totally surrounded by water except for on one side. To get to him you have to pass around a HUGE river. Good luck. He asks for you to go find Games, who, after some trolling, will ask for 13 lens. In order to move on from there, you have to complete ALL OTHER QUESTS. Once you have all quests done, you are ready to continue the quest. You will need to collect 77 Souls. After that, you have to collect the full Grim Reaper Companion Set to get Sorcus' BLOXikin, and to go through the portal.

Note: Completing quests like Coatp0cketninja's and CodeWriter will give you smaller badges like Spider Boy, Spider Girl, Miss Pumpkin, ect.

The Shop

There is a virtual shop in the game. You access it by clicking the candy button on the menu GUI (bottom left). You buy things using candy, which is currently bought with R$. There are many thing to buy in the shop, all of witch I will be going over.

Inventory Expander- I believe this is self explanatory. You buy it for 100 Candies, then you get an extra page in your stash to store costume parts. It's pretty useless unless you want to collect costumes though.

Vision Radius- Once you buy this for 100 Candies, you start to see more of the map. As you walk around, the black parts of the map fade into houses, grass, swamps, water, ect. After you buy this, you get to unlock the map parts quicker, as your eyesight radius is increased.

Teleports- Teleports are the most useful, in my opinion. You buy them for 250 Candies, then you can place them along the map where you are standing. Once you place them, you can see a warp symbol on the map. Double click that symbol to teleport to that location.

Companion Name Tag- Name tags are really the most useless shop items. You buy them for 200 candy and all they do is allow you to rename your pet, which has no use in any aspect of the game, it's just for decor.

Keys- You can buy a key in the shop for 80 Candies. They can open up chests that drop from mobs, hopefully giving you a good item. You open the chest by left clicking on the key and clicking "Use." The chests give things such as Companion Costumes, Eyeball Colors, Anything Listed Above, and "Pet Eggs" (Pets).

There are currently two "Unlockables," which you buy for robux. They are the Hallo-Cycle and the Trick-Or-Treat Bag. The Hallo-Cycle allows you to have an in-game motorcycle, while the Trick-Or-Treat bag increases your walkspeed by 35%. Both items are for transportation, and are very helpful for getting to the different admins to win their BLOXikins.

You can also buy Companions in the shop. Currently, only two are available - Cat and Panda. The Cat is priced at 110 Candies, while the Panda is priced at 550 Candies. As far as I know, they only increase the damage dealt based on which companion you have.

Also in the shop, you have the option to change your Eyeball Color on the map. There are TONS of different options, from red to blue to cat pupil to anything else. Prices range from their appearance, but all in all, they're pretty useless unless you want to use them to find a buddy.


Yes, in the game you get a Companion, you know: a pet. You buy them in the shop for candy, o course. There are a six pet choices, a Dog (Free), Cat (110 Candy), Pig (150 Candy), Poney (400 candy), Panda (550 Candy), and Dragon (1800 candy). The reason for the Dragon's high price, by the way, is due to the fact that it flies. Anyway, your companion will follow you around the map, and probably annoy you. You can collect items in houses, much like you do for yourself, but you customize your pet. The items include collars, capes, hats, and anklets. Each admin except for Shedletsky have their own set of Companion Costumes required to complete their quests and get their BLOXin. There is also a little glitch with them where you can jump on them in a corner and fly high (to cross over rivers), but it's not an easy task. So yeah, they are pretty cool little pets that help attack enemies and finish some quests

ImageThe Map

The game features an in-game map which can be used to help guide you through your adventure. The map starts off being totally black, then as you explore the black fills in with symbols for houses, the road, grass, mountains, water, farms, and swamps.

In the legend, there are a few symbols;

Player (Eyeball)- Marks where you and any other players are on the map.

Landmark (Pumpkin)- A special landmark, mostly of an admin's location.

Warp Spot- You place this with Teleport in the shop, and double clicking it allows you to teleport to that place.

Locked House- (Not completed)

Wicked Witch- (Not completed)

So, overall, this event is huge. It is really fun if you know what to do, and I really hope this helps all of you guys and gals reading.

Down with Bloxhilda!

Happy Questing!