Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of the Forbidden Magic

Gift of the Forbidden MagicOn the sixth day of BLOXTober, ROBLOX released the Gift of the Forbidden Magic with a price tag of R$350 making it the second most expensive gift so far. So far the Halloween gifts have been at the lower end of the pricing spectrum - with all boxes being priced between 100-500 R$. This means that it's likely the next seven gift boxes will be more expensive.

The Gift of the Forbidden Magic features plain white wrapping with excellent shading beneath the rim and a matt orange finish to the bowtie. The eye sockets, nasal holes and the jaw are all engraved into the mesh simulating an excellent 3D effect to the box. In my opinion, this is the best designed gift to be released so far this BLOXTober season. Below are the gift guesser theories for this particular gift, suggesting the most likely contents of this Spooky present.

Our gift guesser theories are as follows:

1. The description reads:

"I got the magic in me / Every time I touch that BLOCK it turns into gold /  Everybody knows I've got the magic in me"

These are slightly altered lyrics from the song 'Magic' by the artist 'Bob'. The use of the word 'magic' hints towards some kind of gear item with special powers. The word gold could be in reference to the ancient story of King Midas who turned everything to solid gold with a single touch. An item with the power to turn blocks to gold could be encased within the gift's wrapping, but this not that likely due to the existence of the Midas Glove. However, ROBLOX have been known to recycle existing gear abilities in a number of items such as the Fallen Artemis Bow. There could also be the added ability of turning ROBLOXians to solid gold, possibly slowing their walkspeed. 

2. There have been rumours of a skeleton bowtie leaked by a ROBLOX user. It would make sense that this themed item would come out of the gift, but is there is an awe of doubt surrounding this prediction. ROBLOX do not usually upload gift assets this many days before the gift opens, at least not in recent times. ROBLOX have played a much tighter game this Halloween in terms of item leaks, usually uploading gift meshes and textures just hours before being published to the public Catalog. 

3. When inserted into ROBLOX studio, the gift asset is named 'VoodooPresent', linking back to the phrase 'forbidden magic' in its title. This enforces the idea that the contents will be some kind of voodoo gear item, with perhaps a multitude of different sinister abilities to control your opponents. It could also be some kind of pendant or charm, or perhaps a shrunken head. A new skull hat with a voodoo feel could also be a viable prediction. 

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