Monday, October 14, 2013

Ads - Making Sure Yours Run The Best

Greetings Roblox News readers! I'm here today to give you some hopefully appreciated help concerning ads. There are a lot of different things that affect how well ads run. These include your tix bet amount, the size of the ad, the quality of the ad, and much more. We will focus on each of these specifically throughout this article. Lets start with just explaining how ads work.

An Introduction
Ads are a way for Robloxians to advertise his/her place, clothing, model, or group. To run an ad, you have to choose a position for it to be displayed (banner, skyscraper or rectangle), details of the ad, upload the ad to ROBLOX, and then bet money on the ad. The more money you bet on the ad, the more times it'll be shown to a ROBLOXian. Note: Only TIX can be bet on an ad.

So this might not seem like a big deal to some people, but that's what I'm here for. I'm here, to explain how big of a deal it is to run an ad, and how important it is that you do it right.

There are many determinants that (guess what they do)...Determine - duh...That determine how well your ads run...They include...

  • Template Size
  • Page Positioning
  • 'Moneh' bet
  • Quality
  • Originality

Template Size and Page Positioning
First off, lets talk about size. There are 3 ad sizes that are conveniently named, Rectangle (300x250 Pixels), Skyscraper (160x600 Pixels), and Banner (728x90 Pixels). Now each of these sizes are important to consider when running ads. Why? Because certain ad sizes only run on certain pages. Below I've made a list of the different places each ad shows...


Rectangle: Games Page (Main one, NOT on individual games pages'), Profile Page
Skyscraper: Home Page, Build Page, ALL pages concerning the forum, Groups Page, Money Page, Advertising Page
Banner: Catalog Page, Build Page, ALL pages concerning the forum, People (Browse) Page, Profile Page, Character Page, Friends Page, Groups Page, Inventory Page, Sets Page, Trade Page, Money Page, Advertising Page

As you can see, there is an OVERWHELMING difference between the amount of pages each type of ad could be viewed on. What can we learn here? Banner seems to be the best choice of all! It shows up on almost every page of Roblox! This leads us to our second point, positioning.

One major determinant of how well your ad(s) run is there positioning. For example, notice how rectangle ads are shown near the bottom of profiles? Where a banner ad is ALWAYS at the top? ROBLOXians who are quickly skimming a player's status will with no doubt see the banner ad, however, if they do not scroll down the page, they may not ever see your rectangle ad. A poor waste of money if your ad isn't even seen! Other ads that might be definitely seen when you open up a page are sometimes ignored, depending on the ROBLOXian and what the page is. Forum Pages fall directly under this category. On the forums, people don't usually look at the ads, they want to cut to the chase and post, post, post. They're so used to seeing ads on the sides that they are ignored by the majority of forumers. But then again, it depends on who it is.

Money Bet
Now lets look at yet another determinant of how well your ad(s) run. The determinant is called moneh. Yesh, good ol' fashioned moneh. I would've said 'green stuff' but since you bet on ads with tix, which are yellow, I couldn't.

Anyway, the amount of money you bet can really change how well your ads do. If you bet 50 (the minimum) your ad will show less than 300 times probably, coming up with a pretty ineffective use of your tix. However, if you bet the opposite extreme, 49k tix...You're looking at every user seeing the same ad MULTIPLE times. When a user sees the same ad multiple times, his innards keep saying, "I wonder what is behind that ad" The first time they see it they might glance over it...The second time they're like, "Hey, I've seen that before" The third time they're going to be like, "I really want to click it, but I must resist." And man...That fourth time knocks them down and they are like, "Right, I've GOT to click it now". Then they click it. So yeah, don't say, "No you, I don't do that." I know you do.

Next lets look at quality...Quality is one of the more important determinants that you'll have to learn to cope with. Well, quality or failure, one...When a Robloxian sees an ad, he's not really going to click it unless you find it interesting/cool. The way you make something 'cool' is by designing it well. This is such an important determinant that people make a living on Roblox by making quality ads for people. So this really isn't hard to understand, its just hard to do. Basically, want your ad to do well? Design the ad to where most Robloxians will want to see what's behind it. For example, if i just see a picture of a noob and it says, "before it clicked." And underneath it is a picture of an 'epic looking' Robloxian with the caption, "after he clicked." The background is whitish.

I think everyone here knows that this is simply a badly designed ad. The maker probably put less then 3 minutes into it. Now lets imagine you create an epic ad with the graphic design based around a motorcycle with flames coming up around it and a glowing sword, you might be like, "Heh, that is cooool...Its a glowing sword with a flame car...I wanna see what that game is!"

Yeah, no sword, but heh, the motorcycle on the left is definitely well designed, right?
That ad might take approximately 15 minutes to make...Alot more work, with alot more results.

Lastly, lets take a few quick seconds to go over originality. Remember the fail ad I mentioned before? That format and design has been used over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Yes, the extra emphasis on the 'over and' was purposeful. It's originality has become a whopping 0. Now, lets take into consideration my sword/car ad...I think we can all agree that it is what I call..."o-riginal" Has anyone ever seen an ad with a car in it and a sword that glows? If you have, then it was only once or so because I certainly haven't. This ad (if it was real) would have a 100 on originality. If it had been used before, then maybe a 95, which is still pretty good.

Alright, now that I've gone over most of everything about running ads and probably confused you backwards, forwards and zigzagwards...Let me do a quick summary...Remember that...

1. Is your template size reaching out to the audience you are trying to grab?
2. Will it be in an easily viewable position or will it be hidden or ignored?
3. Did you bet enough money?
4. Is your ad of quality design?
5. Is your ad original?

Thanks for reading and I hope to elaborate on some of the ideas here. Cya guys later and I hope you were able to learn something!

Oh and, forgive me if you find the article to be badly written or not '---blank---'. This is my first article and I'll continue to improve each time.