Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of Ex-fear-ience

Gift of Ex-fear-ience

Hello! Pbjms here with the third installment of what we call, "Gift Guessers." It's the third day of BLOXTober, which means that today marks the third Halloween Gift - Gift of Ex-fear-ience. It is priced at 200 R$, being the second most expensive gift as of now. By the look of the gift, it is quite simple to guess what will come out (if you were active during the 2011 and 2012 gift seasons).

My Theory: Vlad the Impaler VIII

1. The Description

The Description reads, "Eight time's the charm!" This means that whatever is inside this gift, will most likely be the eight of a series. Well, with a little reasearch and math, I figured out that one of last years gifts had Vlad the Impaler VII (Seven). A new Vlad would mean that it would be the eighth.

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Courtesy of  Chubbs21

2. The Mesh

The mesh is a simple casket, used to bury the dead. Well, for the past two gift seasons (2011 and 2012), there have also been two casket gifts, Gift of the Sixth Undead in 2011, and Gift of the Count's Coffin in 2012. Both of those gifts are casket looking. And both of them were opened to reveal a Vlad the Impaler.

3. Brighteyes' Twitter

By looking through Britghteye's recent tweets, she seems to respond positively with the idea of another Vlad. She acted as if she was pretty much revealing what the gift would be, responding ":)" to NonStopEpic's tweet of "Vlad the Impaler just can't seem to leave Halloween, can he?" This pretty much says that, without a doubt, we will find another Vlad inside this gift.

Of course, the ROBLOX admins could just be messing with us, and release something else, like a vampire mask or a vampire face. But I highly doubt that.