Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Admit One Gift

In this Christmas Gift Guessers post we'll be taking a peak at the 'Admit One Gift' released today. Compared to the previous three gifts released so far, this gift is much more mysterious in terms of the clues in the description and the texture wrapping. The description reads 'a ticket to hours of entertainment is just a few clicks away'.
Admit One Gift

Because of the cryptic nature of the clue, I have several theories for this gift which I have written in order of likelihood. Check them out below: 

Arb's Theory #1 - Buy access to a game
Considering the other very similar gift 'Gift of Passage' is most likely to do with owning gamepasses, I'm going to hazard a guess that the Admit One Gift is to do with buying access to a paid game created by a user. The minimum price for paid access is 25R$ - which isn't actually too bad. Many of you will likely have paid access 'passes' to games, and need not to worry about the gift requirements because you've met them. The reason why I believe it is to do with buying paid access to a game, rather than selling paid access to a game is the use the phrase 'admit one'. This refers to a ticket in the real world which admits only one person into an event such as a concert and so is likely to be awarded to the purchasing user. This links with the 'hours of entertainment' quote found in the description which links with a user purchasing access and playing their newly bought ROBLOX game. 'A few clicks' refers to buying the access, then clicking the play button. 

Nuclear Simulation_ImageIf you're looking for a high quality game you can buy access to, I would suggest purchasing Terra Novus - helping to fund the developer ctazyman32 and provided a great cinematic experience at the same time. It only costs 30R$. If you're looking for slightly cheaper paid access, might I suggest either my Christmas Treasure Hunt or pbjm's Build Preview

Arb's Theory #2 - Bought early access to the Witching Hour
I believe this theory is less likely than the previous one, but it is worth noting that it has been expressed by a handful of users/ This would mean anyone who bought either level of the early 'paid access' to the Witching Hour would receive the Admit One Gift. One of the reasons that I'm a bit sceptical of this is that this would be a very exclusive gift requirement - you literally can't do it anymore. Also, players who bought early access were granted bonus items, and so they have already been rewarded once for their prowess in testing. It might seem a little excessive to award them with a gift box too (stranger things have happened, mind you).

Arb's Theory #3 - Attend (watch) the BLOXcast Livestream on the 7th December
This could be a way of obtaining the Admit One Gift, but would seem logistically difficult to identity winners and distribute. Even if there was some kind of virtual item to sponsor the event, not everyone who watched the video would likely own it, and visa versa. Still, this is a viable option and would explain the 'hours of entertainment' mentioned in the description. 

Pbjm's Theories: Being admitted to any of three real-life BLOXcons in 2013 - London, New York or Chicago. This involves having been registered with a ticket and valid username. Perhaps anyone who bought the BLOXcon 2013 Lanyard will be classed a virtual BLOXcon 'tickerholder' and will receive the gift, this is not probable. A second theory would be an advertisement that receives a high CTR or number of clicks in general - this is not that likely as a similar kind of gift was released Christmas 2011. 

Thanks for reading this more cryptic gift guessers post!

-Arbirator and Pbjms.-