Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Gift of the Little Seed

Okay, so I'm really against writing pointless articles, but you guys apparently want all the gift guessers you can get. So, I'm going to write one for this gift, the Gift of the Little Seed. Finally, there is a new, unique gift. This actually doesn't involve a current update, though it does involve a hat released earlier in the year; The Little Seed, which grew into the Seedling, then the Potted Plant, Shady Plant, Clockwork Orange Tree, Branch to School, BLOXTober Flytrap, The Giving Plant, and finally, the Frozen Plant.

Gift of the Little Seed
Besides looking like a gift done with triangles in Microsoft Paint, it's actually the hardest to earn this year, let me explain why.

Pb's Theory: Have bought the Little Seed hat back when it was a Little Seed, for 5 Robux.

I really don't even need to explain my theory. It's called the Gift of the Little Seed, and it's covered in trees, which start off from seeds, AND it's description points out "seeds."

So, back to how this is the hardest to earn. Well, pretty much, it's the hardest to earn because you can't earn it. You had to buy the little seed back on Earth Day. Sorry to those who don't, but I think I've said enough about this gift for now. Besides, it's not going to be too expensive... right?

Arb's Theory: There is of course the chance that you need to own the little seed at any stage in its lifecycle; perhaps if bought the Frozen Plant this month you might still earn the gift. This is unlikely, and I wouldn't recommend buying the plant at its current price tag of R$1600 - the gift will undoubtedly be cheaper than this. Just wait till the gift goes on sale.

~pbjms and arbirator~