Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year-ending post: Why Roblox is educational

Hello readers, RayMan36 here with the reason David Baszucki wakes up in the morning, other than the cash. I'm talking about how roblox is educational.

I. Building and Scripting Aspects
We all know that scripting can get you a job. Computer analysis, Software Designer, Tech Support, lead coder, I could go on. Everyone in a computer job should know some sort of language, and roblox helped with that by using a real-life coding language. Building can earn you a job in engineering, and other fields like it. Plus, with sources like the wiki and forum, learning can begin anywhere and only progress.

II. Roblox's Trade Currency
This resembles perfectly the actual trade currency business in the world. So back in the day when 1 R$= 10 tix, this could be the US dollar and the Mexican Peso. The rates change, and create opportunities for maximum profit.

III. The Clothing Business/Advertising
So the clothing empire can really be described as a small business world. You can all be the same (just plain suits and copies) or set yourself apart, be different, and find something people want. The only thing set apart with this is there is no risk. Making a real business cost thousands of dollars, and making shirts can cost a lot, making a small window for profit. There is no setback to making clothes in roblox, and it is pure profit, apart from labor (and pesky taxes). Advertising, though, has a risk. You pay 100 robux, or something like that, to run an ad that, if successful, will rake in a lot more profits. There was that post a while ago about making ads, and that's entirely my point. Set yourself apart, and make sure you have demand.

IV. Taxes
Taxes suck. We all know that. But they are necessary for building things in a country, such as schools, roads, or an arm. Taxes are burdened on almost every transaction made (other than things like food, water, or clothes in some areas) and take out a lot of money when things are set and done. Roblox does this so someone (cough*merely) does not have too much power in roblox. Roblox takes away robux in ways like dev ex, hats, taxes, name changes, and sales so they don't have to higher an intern because he is more powerful than quite a few admins (sorry if you don't think the same but this, in my opinion, is what it boiled down to.).

Remember the really popular post a while back, when someone thought it would be cool if roblox had a stock market?
It already does.
let me explain: Stocks have a certain number of shares (fixed), can belong to anyone with the money, and can sell at any price imaginable. Stocks' price are determined mostly by the company, and how the company looks on paper.
Roblox limiteds have a certain, fixed number of shares, belong to anyone with enough robux, and sell at whichever price, but is determined mainly by how it looks. (example: Not So great looking v. Better Traits)
There are many stocks/limiteds available.

I think that's my time for today, comment below on what you thought!