Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Muneris Aureus Dev Ex - What are you?

OKAY SO, the big gift this year, like Brighteyes said, is some huge thing for builders and rich people. You had to use Dev Ex to get it. Jeez, a recent update. Who could have seen that coming? Okay so this gift was awarded like, seconds after it was made, then started selling for 50,000 Robux. That's a lot. So, all of you people with enough money are probably wondering "What are ya, Mr. Latin Gift?"

Okay. The name is in latin, hm, what other hats are in latin that are worth a lot? Okay, so, the gift translates into "Golden Services" Okay. Aparently Dev Ex is latin.. That's new.

Okay, so, the gift is in latin, and it involves gold stuff. HMMM, if I do a little research by looking up "Aureus," latin for gold, into the ROBLOX catalog page, I get a nice result.

Okay, doing a bit more research, I noticed that the creator of the Golden Dominus, Encladeus, somehow has the gift. He has 2,000 place visits, so unless he's a major robux buyer, he was given the gift for free... Hmmm... why was that? OH RIGHT, if somebody gets their retexture published, they either get it for free, or if it's limited, some robux. So, my theory is that Encladeus created a Golden Dominus, and is getting it published because he got the gift for free. Even if Encladeus bought it, all the clues still add up to a Golden Dominus of some-sort.

If you STILL don't believe it's a dominus, I have EVEN MORE PROOF, this time, proof from the great John Shedletsky. Consumer of chicken, nuker of whales. So, Freaked sent Shedletsky a tweet on twitter saying, "> @Shedletsky posts a Latin phrase as his ROBLOX status. > OMG NEW DOMINUS!!11" And then, Shedletsky replied saying.. "Dominus Aureus." HMMM, Dominus Aureus? Isn't that latin for Lord of Gold? Wait a minute, the gift also says Aureus in it.. and the dominus retexture is gold! It all adds up!

Okay. So, if you want a chance at a golden dominus, buy the gift for the robux.