Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Gift Guesses: Double Double Gift of Trouble

Greetings to all you gift collectors out there! Today we will be taking a look at the tenth gift of this Christmas season and what the likely requirement is to earn the box. This gift is fairly simple, with both title and description hinting towards how to obtain it for free (well, not really for free).

Double Double Gift of Trouble
Double Double Gift of Trouble

Gift Theory One - Own two copies of the same limited item

As promised, I'm providing the credit of this theory to Nitro357 who drafted his theory onto a secret blog post. If I were being impartial, I would credit half of the ROBLOX community, as a lot of players have caught on to the likely achievement they need in order to get this gift box. The theory is as follows: simply own/buy 2 or more copies of the same limited item. This is implied by the description 'It was so nice I bought it twice!'. I would suggest investing in items such as the Riptide Gear or the POW! To the Moon! Egg as they are what I would call 'dirt cheap', and readily available in terms of supply. Up until Monday this week, more Riptides were being generated by players returning to the Percy Jackson edition of Sword Fights on the Heights - this was reflected in the incredibly low prices I spotted at one point of being R$40.

Gift Theory Two - Rent a piece of gear twice (unlikely) 

As stated above, this gift is rather unlikely due to the practicality of this task; it's great for people who have rented a gear in the past twice - but for users who haven't they have to do this within 3 days or less. This means renting the gear - deleting it, then renting again to accomplish the '2 rental' theorised achievement. If you were to perform this task, I would suggest renting out the Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light twice. Only perform this theory if  you literally have bucket-loads of cash to spare, because it is extremely unlikely - new feature gifts 'n' all.

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