Saturday, December 28, 2013

Place Review: Minigames by RaceMasterGame

So, lets talk about this game, it's called 'Funny and Dangerous' (EDIT: Surprise surprise, the name has now changed to 'minigames', which at least give a more accurate description of the experience).

I could tell it was a misleading title by the fact that the description had '[ Content Deleted ]' and the imagery was somewhat nothing to do with ROBLOX. These people make me sick, I mean why don't ROBLOX erase all of their Robux, Tickets & Place Visits and show them what misleading titles deserve. It annoys me there are people I know who put huge amounts of effort into their places and are rewarded by 3 visits a week, however the people who do not put any effort and just insert things from the model section of the catalog are rewarded with a stupid amount of commendation. Does it annoy you?

Anyway, this game has a very misleading title as well as the image being misleading. I do not see any resemblance to ROBLOX on the title image. The game is basically mini-games that wouldn't have reached the front page unless the creator kept changing the title and put ridiculously bad quality images as the image to hide the horror that is the game.

The mini-games in this place are so common which proves my point of how the game is made out of free models, I actually don't even have much to talk about, this might be a very short somewhat review. Whatever there is to review.

Some of the mini-games are so unfair it's unbelievable, I  killed everyone in this round where you have to pick up gear, and one person managed to get me when I had like 10% health? Don't I deserve commendation at least for coming second? It means the second best players are always given zero reward, which favours the best player in the server.

The lobby is about the only thing in this game the so called 'creator' did make, and even that is poorly built, I can't even describe how badly put together this game is, all I can say is "Thank Arbirator this is the only time I will ever visit this place".

Building: 1/10

Scripting:  0/10

Overall: 0.5/10

Good riddance, good riddance.

Thank you for reading,