Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Giftsplosion 2013 Interview with IBarrageI!

Merry Christmas to all Roblox News readers out there! This Christmas Eve I bring you a giftsplosion themed interview with Roblox News' very own assistant editor: IBarrageI. In the interview we cover his views on the gift items and the achievements to earn them. We talk prices, accessibility and creativity of the 2013 Giftsplosion and give our overall impressions of the Christmas event.

 Note: apologies for the gaps between audio at various points in the video - I'm not used to the editing of several pieces of audio and meshing them together, it will be improved for the next audio interview. So sit back and relax, and check out the interview below. It's a podcast basically, so you can listen to it whilst doing other things on the internet.

Thanks for watching, listening and reading! 

Thanks to IBarrageI for taking part!

Editor of Roblox News