Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Eventful Gift

Okay, pbjms back for another Gift Guessers after I was overloaded with makeup work and stuff yesterday and Arb took over. Anyways, the majority of this post will be learning percents, fractions, ROBLOX history, and stuff about stamps. Yippee.

If you've stopped reading after the very exciting opening paragraph, I don't blame you. This gift is probably the first one that looks cool, but, alike a few others, there are many possibilities as to how it's earned. Based on the description and name, this gift involves an event and 80%.

Pb's Many Theories:

Theory #1: Participate in 80% of the ROBLOX Events this Year.
Are you guys ready to do some math?

Okay, so, 80% is a percent. All percents have a fraction form and decimal form. We aren't going to be learning about decimals, though (sorry, I know you want to). Okay, so. In order to turn a percent into a fraction, divide it by 100. Taking the easy way out, just take a look at 80/100. Simplify it (divide both by 20), and you get 4/5. WOW! 4/5? That's so surprising, pb! Well, as a matter of fact, it is surprising, because if I recall, there have been 5 ROBLOX "events" this year (which are definitely eventful). You know, NERF, the annual Egg-Hunt, the disgrace of a Percy Jackson SFOTH game, the outrageously huge Witching Hour, and the 2009 throwback, Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt.
"So how does this all tie together?"
Well, my first prediction is, participate in four out of the five ROBLOX events this year. 

Theory #2: Have an 80% or Higher Voting Accuracy (Very Unlikely)
Yeah. History lesson time.

Back in ye ol' days of ROBLOX, there were these things called Building Contests. There would be a specific theme, and all of the entrees would be put on a Contest Page. Users would have a choice of two places to vote for, one of them was the better option. If you voted for the wrong one, your "Voting Accuracy" would decrease, and if you picked the better one, your Accuracy would increase by a specific amount. Users with winning places and high Voting Accuracy would receive a prize. So, this theory is based on 80%, and events. The contests used to be annual events that took place very often, and well, as my theory states,
Have a Voting Accuracy of 80% or higher.This theory is very unlikely however, as buildings contests have been discontiuned for a long while now.

Theory #3: Show up to One of the Three Real-Life Bloxcons
It's time for stamp metaphors, people!

Okay, so, stamps travel around the world on their little letters and things, sitting in mailboxes and delivering a wide variety of things around the globe. The key words there are "travel around the world." What was the theme of this year's Bloxcons? It wasn't JUST in California, there were 3 all around the world. Also, the description really supports that, "80% of success is showing up." 
So, all you had to do for this theory is having showed up to one of the Bloxcons.

Arb's Theories: 

#1 Obtain the first four gifts

This would seem a little exclusive considering potentially 3 gifts so far will require a purchase to obtain them - the Gift of Passage, Gift of the Little Seed and the Admit One Gift. However if you were smart you could have bought all three of the assets for these gifts for a measly 30R$ (paid access = 25R$, Little Seed = 5R$) and 1 Ticket (gamepass = 1 Ticket). So, there is chance that the Eventful Gift is for having the four previous gifts. This would make sense in terms of the description '80% of success is showing up', with 80% reffering to 4/5 gifts and 'success is showing up' referring to user's not needing to do anything if they have earned the first four gifts. 

#2 Show up to the BLOXcast

Either through purchasing an exclusive 'BLOXcast' virtual item or by registering for a virtual 'ticket' for the livestream may award a user the Eventful Gift. This would seem unlikely as the gift has been uploaded over a day in adcance, and may be quite hard logistically to work out who attended the event (if there was a virtual item). Considering the difficulty of each gift is supposedly increasing which each day, this would seem just a tad easy for gift number 5.

#3 Obtain 80% of the item in a specific ROBLOX event

The Eventful Gift may require you to have earned, say, 80%, of the items in the Witching Hour or perhaps 80% of the items in the Egg Hunt. Once again, these would seem a little exclusive but hey, we've had gifts for the ROBLOX Rally - a one time only event in only one location in America - so anything is possible.

Of course, all of these are unavailable as to now, so I'm going to say that, either it's a gift from the blog of something that you "had to do," or, sadly, I am terribly wrong.

Thanks for reading!
~pbjms and arbirator~