Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Showcase: Raise An Epic Turtle

Raise an Epic Turtle
  By HyperBlue
▀ Raise an Epic Turtle [ Open Beta ]_Image
     This game isn't your average "Raise a brik lol :D", nor a free-modeled piece of trash. I can't even decide where to begin. You spawn on an island as pictured to the right with a few buildings on it. One is the bank, where you can deposit and withdraw your berries. The second is the turtle adoption center, where you actually get your turtle. The third is the turtle daycare, where you can leave your turtle while you are AFK. Lastly is the battle arena, my personal favorite, located at the end of a bridge.

     When you first spawn into the game, you can talk to the owner of the adoption center to receive a turtle, along with a GUI to name him. The name can be changed at any time. To the left of the screen is a GUI containing your turtle's hunger, mood, stats, etc. To feed your turtle, collect yellow berries from the bushes. There is also one bush that spawns orange berries. If you click the "Craft" button, you can create new berries, and if you are anything like me, you'll only feed your turtle ultimate berries (the hardest berry to craft).

     The bank is very useful, but there isn't a lot to say about it. You store your berries here when you go to the arena so that you don't die and lose your berries. That's about it.

     The turtle daycare is an amazing idea that I can't believe people haven't come up with before. Whenever you play any other "Raise a _____" game, your pet dies if you AFK. Instead, you can deposit your turtle at the daycare and his hunger won't go down.

     Lastly is my favorite, the battle arena. When you enter, your turtle will be equipped with a rocket launcher. Use the flying tool, step on to your turtle to mount it, and click to fly. The "F" button is used to fire your missiles, your health is represented by a blue bar, and you have to rack up as many KOs as you can before the round ends. It is much, much harder than you would think.

     The only other thing I want to include is crafting. You can collect yellow and orange berries from bushes, but have to craft the rest. Click the Crafting button to open the GUI, and start by combining the yellow and orange berries. After lots of crafting, trial, and error, you can craft the brown and pink berry to create the ultimate berry.

That's all. Excuse the lack of pictures, there aren't a whole lot of pictures to add. As compensation, here is a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head instead of the usual cup of hot chocolate;

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