Monday, December 2, 2013

Community Article: Interview with Carbon131!

Carbon131Today I bring you an interesting dialogue between PixelTM and Carbon131 - the creator of Jet Wars: Advanced Battle; an extremely popular game on ROBLOX.  Enjoy! 

PixelTM (Formerly Kintozi): Who/What inspired you to make these amazing games?

Carbon131: I have always enjoyed making people happy. Whether it is making them laugh or just making something they enjoy. This is what lead me to spending hundreds of hours building and scripting on ROBLOX. I don't necessarily think my games are amazing, I am simply glad people enjoy them.

PixelTM: What is Battleblox?

Carbon131: It is a domination type game where players must capture their opponents flag and also kill them to gain points. The team with the highest points after the round is up, wins. It has tons of vehicles ranging from Jets, Boats, Jet Skis, soon-to-be Humvees, and possibly even helicopters. I hope to add a variety of weapons as the game progresses.

PixelTM: What are your final hopes for Battleblox and Jet Wars: Advanced Battle?

Carbon131: For it to be lag free. The biggest thing I struggle with on ROBLOX is making places that don't struggle with lag. This, however, is an issue with many moving parts. With multiple jets, boats, land vehicles, players, etc., moving all at once, it is a lot for ROBLOX to handle.

PixelTM: Do you have any words of inspiration for hopeful game builders/programmers?

Carbon131: When you look at the giants of ROBLOX, i.e, the big game creators, just remember, they were once small as well. Start small, then go big. Quality is always better than quantity. If you make a place with a few awesome weapons and gameplay, odds are it is going to do much better than a place with tons of meh weapons, and poor gameplay.

This community written article was provided by PixelTM. We look forward to seeing more content from him in the future!