Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Bewitching Gift of Santa

Okay. So, I'm here. You all missed me, I know, but I'm back for my finale Gift Guesser this year. You're stuck with nitro, ray, Arb, or somebody else for the next one (sorry). Anyways, today's gift was the second to last one, and if you ask me, It's probably the most obvious one. I honestly think this is the gift that gives the admins, their new nickname of "Fun-Hating Grinches," because, well, the whole GIFT is pretty much completely spoiled in the description.

Okay, the name doesn't spoil anything, but it is spoiled in the description
Heh, notice the corner with the three different monsters merging into each other?

Okay, it's theory time! Wait, wha-? The gift is completely spoiled in the description?
Nah, it probably is, but knowing ROBLOX, things aren't always as they seem.

Pb's Theory #1: Fully Complete the Witching Hour

As like, 80% of this post has been about, this gift is practically fully spoiled in the description. "The town is indebted to you, Great Bloxxer. Bloxhilda will never bother us again! Or will she ..." Okay, COME ON. If you don't understand how you get this gift just from that, you're either not very smart, or you just weren't here for the Witching Hour. And if you weren't, all you missed was a mash of a 20,000 x 20,000 studs map with tons of unique structures like houses, houses, rectangular mountains, swamps, houses, rivers, and houses.
Oh yeah, did I mention there were houses?
So you just ran around completing quests for admins spread too far apart that it took like 20 minutes to get to each one. You completed completely random and obnoxious quests like retrieving a bunch of marbles for Frankenstein to get dolls of glory called BLOXikins that somehow harnessed the power to defeat a giant evil witch that needs to go on a diet.
Anyways, back to the gift. If you have two eyes and know how to read, you'd see that the description is about you brutally murdering Bloxhilda. So, to get the gift, you just had to kill Bloxhilda and beat the Witching Hour. I'm guessing ROBLOX ran out of ideas for gifts when they made this, seeing as how we already got 31 BLOXikins, OBTH, and tons of other prizes for our 20,000 x 20,000 stud adventure. Oh well. More for me.

Pb's Theory #2: Own the BLOXikins for Brighteyes, Shedletsky, Ostrichsized, and Fusroblox

Gift of the Prime Nexus' Texture
Okay, so, when I suddenly found this gift using totally reliable sources and nothing unlegit, there was no description, so I thought using the texture as a reference, "hmmm... vampires, mummies, and frankensteins on the texture.." Soo, using my amazing memory skills of a giant event that happened like a month ago, I remembered that in the event, each admin had a random costume. Brighteyes and Shedletsky were vampires, Ostrichsized was a mummy, and Fusroblox was Frankenstein.
This secondary theory is highly unlikely, and, I mean, if you completed what I said in Theory #1, you completed this too. This is really just to make the people that gave up on the giant event feel good about abandoning something that results in an outrageous amount of prizes.
And hey, who said hints can't be in the texture?  

Darkgenex's Theory:

"The gift will require you to find all of the 2013 eggs."
Not sure why I put this here, but hey, It's my last post, why not spice it up a bit?

Thanks for Reading!
And no, I'm not quitting RN, this is my last Giftguessers post, and I had a lot of fun with them.