Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Good Christmas Finds!

Rayman36 here, with my two front teeth. Anyway, I thought ROBLOX did a really nice job with some of the regular hats (on-sale for robux, maybe timed). I've got a list (I have checked it twice) of great and cheap impulse buys this year. I've made this list mostly because I have 250,000 tickets because of a hopeful TC profit, but the rates are too high. I've been living like a bum in Chicago, roblox-wise.

I like this because of its fedora-ness. On every major event, on ROBLOX  or globally, ROBLOX releases a fedora. This is no exception, but it is higher on the list of other fedoras because the holly, colors, and considerably low price makes this a great addition for any neckbeard to wear.

  The main reason this is on the list is its price and originality. The hat's cheap, and is a nice shoulder pet for the holidays. I also liked Skating penguin for its originality and sort of low price.

These may not look the best, but they are super cheap for the price of 10 tickets.

Three pluses: price (25 Robux), look, and originality. There aren't many crowns out there,  but most are 1000 robux. This is an  original Cesar-type crown for really cheap.

These hats were ROBLOX showing their holiday cheer.The hat looks well enough, but the price is phenomenal.

I guess that's it for today. Agree with me? Want to come at me with an angry mob of villagers armed with flame- encrusted pitchforks? Rant or simply comment down below!