Sunday, December 15, 2013

Place Review: Galleons v6.0

Galleons has always been an excellent game; it was always everyone's favourite in the 'ol days, it's a nostalgic game and means a lot to players who have been on ROBLOX for a long time. There was one point when ROBLOX removed byte-code that Galleons stopped working. Wingman8 soon fixed it after that bug and it is now better than ever!

Galleons had classic; standard boats for many years until recently, Wingman8 created a new vessel known as the Coolleon, this boat is extremely snazzy and nice, it has perfect cannon placement with great sails and a perfect structural and overall build. In some cases this boat is my preferred boat, however I do like to return to classic every now and then.

Galleons has great screen-space management; the graphical user interfaces the game includes does not take up too much space on the screen, this is a great feature, and due to the fact this game requires complete focus I do like how the ScreenGuis are managed. Galleons also has a great feature where people can line-up to be the captain of the next round, being the captain gives you the privilege to force users off of the steering wheel and lock the steering wheel so only the captain can control it - this is a great feature because sometimes you leave the ship in a position so that the cannons have complete lock on the other ship and some 'noob' comes along and thinks he's clever trying to steer the ship and steering it into land.

Galleons is amazingly coded, and with help from the new articulated physics, it's a beautiful specimen of a good game. Now players no longer fall off of the ship by standing up and walking around the ship while it's being moved. This was really annoying in the old days however with the new coding and physics it really works so well. Galleons has it's own swimming and certain features like it which help so you can upgrade how long you can breath in water for and you can edit how long it takes for your cannon to reload depending on the price you pay. This is great to have because this means users can upgrade their items, I also like to buy the premium blunderbuss, board the enemy vessel and just shoot at all their gunpowder barrels. This really does annoy their team though and I often get abuse shouted at me when I do it!

Last but not least, the quick-ratings if you just don't want to read the whole article.

Build Quality: 8/10
You get this perfect classical feel while still enduring the new; improved graphics ROBLOX offers.

Scripting Quality: 10/10
Great, great coding.

Overall: 9/10
Couldn't really have any problem with this wonderful game.

Thank you for reading