Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hat Review: Dominus Aureus

Let me first just take a chance to say, I WAS RIGHT. Yeah. My guesser for the Dev Ex Gift was right, they made it too obvious. Okay, so, the gift that was awarded for people who used Developers Exchange or bought the gift for 50,000 R$ opened to reveal...

Dominus Aureus
Okay, let me just take this chance to point out a few things:

1. This is an updated texture. The texture when it first came out had some AWFUL stripe on the back of the hood that made the dominus look like a folded pancake.
2. As the most recent dominus, Dominus Vespertilio, this dominus has a new mesh, which is a lot better than the vespertilio mesh. I'm a fan of the chrome-looking features, I must say.
3. 259 people own this. Eh, not too bad. It's rarer than a lot of other big gifts, but still, not very rare. But hey, it's not like 1.63 million people have it like that Gandolf thing.

Okay, review time.

Mesh: Eh. The new mesh is alright. I love the pointed features, but the hood itself comes to a point at the end. Eww. The button things that I honestly have no idea what their proper name is are similar to the others, but a bit better to fit with the rest of the mesh. The opening of the hood is also different than the opening of the hood on all the other dominuses.. er, domini? What's the plural of dominus? I think it's domini. 8/10
Texture: Even more.. Eh. Before the updated texture, this texture was awful. Now, it's better. It's gold, it's shiny, it's darker gold at areas, it's... okay. It could be better. I don't know how, but it could be better. Brighteyes, figure out what's missing, because something is missing. 7/10
Price/Requirement/Whatever: Okay so there are like 4 different possible prices for this dominus. 50,000 R$, 100,000 R$, 250,000 R$, and 500,000 R$. The prices that aren't 50,000 R$ would get you that price divided by 1000 in dollars ($). If you bought it for 50,000 R$, well, you get nothing in return but a gift that looks like a void of candy canes and flowers, along with a golden dominus with a 7.5/10 grade in the appearance. Yippee. Okay, so if you earned this, it's great, if you didn't, it's probably still kind of great seeing as how it's most likely going to make profit whenever it goes limited. 9/10

Overall: 8/10

And that wraps of my review of Dominus duplex subcinericius - er, Dominus Aureus.