Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Sound as a Bell Gift

                                    Sound as a Bell Gift
Here we are, the 9th of the 12 promised gifts for BLOXmas, or something like that. Anyway, decoration for this gift isn't too much special, red with some bells on the side, and a green bow which kind of tells us what has to be done to get this. But as always, the theory;

- My Theory

Users have been speculating for a while there would be a sound-related gift, since there's been one for paid access, game passes, and outfits already. So, what do you have to do to get this I think? Well, it's in the title so it's sort of obvious enough. But I digress, my main guess is you have to upload a sound, or multiple sounds. But it's likely only one.

- Arb's Theory

Have a certain number of users take your uploaded sound - probably 10. This would be a little similar to the Supermodeler Gift of 2011. This is unlikely because most feature gifts nowawadys rarely require to sell anything more than 1 copy of the asset.

- RayMan32's Theories: 

Theory I: Make a Roblox Audio Clip
This is highly likely. A new feature that hasn't been marketed yet? This is definitely the one. I'm saying to make any sort of audio, but to be on the safe side, name it bell.

Theory 2: Beat a dead horse with a Roblox Audio.
Sorry. I had to put this in there. I know pbjms and I are a little annoyed with the feature gifts. The badge one was really fun.
sorta had to put this in here.
Anything else I should add? Maybe next there will be a price floor gift.

-Nitro357, Arbirator and Rayman32-