Monday, December 23, 2013

Interview with DailyBasis

Christmas interview with DailyBasis!

Greetings to all ROBLOXians, here is a Christmas Interview from Prolixen, my first interview for Roblox News! In a server of Starbucks I managed to interview DailyBasis the millionaire Robloxian!

1) How many gifts did you obtain this year, and of them all how many were bought and how many were achieved?
I got 5, 3 were bought and 2 were achieved.

2) Did you get more gifts this year than in the Giftsplosion of 2012?
No, I got 9 in the 2012 Giftsplosion.

3) What is your opinion on the gifts this year, were they too pricey or of a bad quality? Why?
They were too pricey and bad quality. For starters, I bought a 10k gift to be awarded with a poor retexture of a 1k hat. Mainly though, I just disliked most of them. 

4) Which was your favourite gift, and which was your least favourite?
Eh....Probably the gift that gave the golden shades, they match my necklace and fedora. The least favourite, hmm....The Merrywrath Gift, it is ugly and was too pricey. 

5) What Christmas items from previous years would you like to see back on-sale this year?
Both the items I would like to see back on-sale were from 2010, the Igloo of Solitude (TBC) and the Snowball Machine Gun (OBC). Although, if they went back on-sale I would want them to be selling for everyone not just TBC/OBC, although they would stay at their original prices.

6) In your opinion, were the gifts this year easier to get or harder to get and why?
Harder. Hard achievement with little hints and very expensive.

7) What's your favourite part of Christmas?
Hmm, getting the decorations set up.

8) If next year you could decide how people obtain a gift, what would you do?
An idea for a gift? Uh...Perhaps a gift that a bunch of Knockouts or Wipeouts was needed, say 100,000 Knockouts.

9) Do you think, that overall, the gift requirements were fair this year?
They were fair, but hard. Poor hints.

10) What gift box design is your favourite this year?
DevEx Gift. I like black gifts, makes it look mysterious.

Thanks for reading Robloxians!