Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Gifts: Overview

Yes, it's that time once again to go over all of the gifts and what actually came out of them, this time for Christmas! For those that actually do remember I did one for the Halloween gifts this year, and shall be doing it for the Christmas gifts since they're both.. gifts. Anyway, let's start!

Well Outfitted Gift of Style                                                                 Stylish ROBLOX Scarf

Being the first gift people were expecting something pretty "meh" but this scarf is good, could be better though since it's a bit.. flat compared to the others.

      Gift of Passage                                                                           The Wisest Wizard

Fun fact, the hat that came out of this gift was leaked for quite a while. But back on topic, it's pretty good for how easy and cheap the gift was.

Gift of The Little Seed                                                                       Holiday Branchlers

A pretty common gift as far as I know, considering how many people actually bought the seed. This is a nice payoff I think, even if they aren't exactly "antlers" like many have wanted.

Admit One Gift                                                                                   Gold Flash Shades

Welp, I must admit I'm slightly jealous for those that got this gift. For only 1,500 a re-texture of the green flash shades is quite... surprising.

Eventful Gift                                                                                 Eventful ROBLOX Top Hat

The prize for this gift was actually leaked some time before the gift actually opened, but the texture was a little lighter, as far as I know. Good enough for what is a BLOXcon related gift.

Achievements of the Populace                                                                     Snowbot 

I'm honestly indifferent to this, a lot of people seem to like it, but it's not my thing. Oh well, to each their own. Still a good prize for those who earned it.

Festive Gift of Impossibility                                                                     Merrywrath

For 10k this one seemed a little steep, even if I like what they did for the idea behind this hat. Either way, it's pretty creative even if the texture isn't the greatest in some places. Good for those who got it for free.

Gift of Approval                                                                                     Festive Swordpack

A nice, cheap item, for a nice, cheap gift. This is fairly nice looking for a re-invented mesh and I think it'll go nicely with those who like to use sword packs.

Sound as a Bell Gift                                                                 Musica Infernus Dominator                           

I can't be the only one who was a little mad when this came out, right? Anyway, I like it. It's a worthy successor to the first of what is probably a new series of hats. (even if the 5 sounds requirement was a bit dumb..)

Double Double Gift of Trouble                                                       Gingerbread Headrow

Double gift, double item. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit sick of headrows being reused quite often now but all things aside it's one of the better looking headrows.

Bewitching Gift of Santa                                                            BLOXikin #32 Santa Claus

Okay, okay, they did a good job on the detail and all but charging 3.1k to the people who bought the gift was a bit much for another BLOXikin. I'm not sure honestly.

Muneris Aureus Dev Ex                                                                           Dominus Aureus

Ah, yes. Hopefully what is the final, final entry into the "Dominus" series of hats. Either way, good on those that got it for free and are satisfied with their purchase. The texture and mesh could use some work, though.

The Unluckiest Gift                                                                               Sparkle Time Coal

Released at an hour when most people were at school, this is probably the most "unfair" gift, or unluckiest if you want to go with the theme. What it contained though, is essentially a reskinned,
sparkling war rock that is better than the original. Not bad, I think.

Well, that about wraps this up. Maybe they'll learn from their mistakes this year to make the next one even better, good on you ROBLOX.

And as always, Happy Holidays.