Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Gift of Passage

Hi! I, pbjms, am back with the second Gift Guessers of this "BLOXmas" season.It's time for some gift guessing.

Gift of Passage
Pb's Theory: Buy a gamepass to a game  - (opposed to selling a gamepass last year)

 First off, last year was the gamepass gift, and they rarely repeat gift requirements. Anyways, I believe the texture of the gift doesn't point out anything about the gift, due to it being called "TX_UglySweaterGift." So, we are left with the description as a hint. Oh look, a perfectly good hint that totally reveals everything about the gift! "You shall not pass without a pass." Okay.. So in order to pass, we need a pass. 
Anyways, think of it as a ticket into a baseball game, no ticket, no game. In this case, no pass, no game. What kind of pass? A gamepass. So, simply put, to get this gift, just buy a gamepass to any game which can be the minimum of 5 Tickets, not too shabby at all!
More support of my theory comes from Brighteyes' twitter post towards our good blogmaster, Arbirator. "Yeah of the 12 - 1 so far is pay - so they must all be!" Besides being a bit rude, Brighteyes pretty much revealed that there will only be a couple of gift that you have to "buy" to earn it. We all know that the outfit gift isn't buying anything, so, this gift must be about buying something!

Arb's Note: So, if any of you are looking for a quality gamepass to buy for 12 R$ and receive the gift for free, I would recommend 'The Stalker VIP' - killing two birds with one stone. Or on the otherhand, if you're looking for a cheap gamepass (1 TICKET!) - check this one out!

Alternate Theories:
Of course, this could all be a hoax, and the gift could end up being about buying access to a game, selling paid access, or selling gamepasses, but that's highly unlikely due to the points suggested above.

Another thing to note about day two of BLOXmas, is that a Giftsplosion preview post was uploaded on the blog, with 6 different gift images previewed.

Thanks for reading!
~pbjms and Arbirator~