Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Festive Gift of Christmas Spirit!

Merry Christmas to all you avid ROBLOXians out there from myself (Arbirator), IBarrageI, Flingi2 and the rest of the Roblox News team! I hope you all received the gifts you wanted underneath your Christmas trees and looking to spend your money on ROBLOX gamecards and on the Steam sale! As it is the 25th December, I thought it was appropriate to release a freebie gift (as part of my series) that celebrates the date and basks in the Christmas festivities.

The Festive Gift of Christmas Spirit will be free for all players on the 25th December (and possibly through to the 26th, depending on how generous I'm feeling). The thumbnail hasn't loaded as of writing this post, so here is an in-game screenshot of what you are bagging in your virtual inventory:

So, feel free to take a copy and make sure you keep having a very merry Christmas! Look out for more Roblox News gifts towards the end of the month and into the New Year! 

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News