Friday, December 20, 2013

Interview with jojods1125!

jojods1125Today I bring you the first in a series of user interviews which will focus on the views of the community towards the 2013 ROBLOX gifts! In this interview we talk to jojods1125, an experienced gift collector who has spanned three giftsplosions. 

1) How many gifts did you obtain this year? How did this compare to 2012's Giftsplosion? 
 I obtained 11/13 gifts this year. The ones that I missed were the sound gift and DevEx gift. Last year I got all of the gifts excluding the "Big One", so I would say it's about the same.

2) How many of these gifts did you earn and how many did you purchase?
 Of the eleven gifts I got, I only bought the Approval gift. All of the rest I earned.

3) What is your opinion on the gift prizes this year?
 The prizes this year are pretty cool. I like how some of them (so far) aren't technically Christmas-related, so I'm able to wear them all year round. 

4) Out of all the gift items released so far, what is your favourite? Why? 
Musica Infernus Dominator Out of the ones I earned, I would have to say it's a tie between The Wisest Wizard and the Stylish ROBLOX Scarf. The Wisest Wizard is basically a Gandalf hat, and I love any hats that are based on books. I like the StylishScarf because it's good for more than Christmas. The gray color goes with many winter clothes, and I'm a sucker for anything with the ROBLOX R on it. For the ones that I didn't earn, it would have to be the Musica Infenus Dominator. I'm really glad that ROBLOX continued the Dominus Headphones series, and MID looks a lot better compared to Musica Dominator.

5) Which gift item do you think was most worth its price tag? 
As I said before, I'm overjoyed that ROBLOX made another Dominus Headphones. I always assumed that if they were to make another one, it would be worth at least 10k, and it would definitely not come out of a gift. Considering the fact that it was only 5k robux, or 1,250 if you earned it, it was totally worth the price.

6) What was your favourite gift to earn this year? Why?
Opened Achievements of the Populace
 I would have to say either the Achievements of the Populace. The badges weren't too hard to earn, yet some weren't too easy. It was an almost perfect mix of difficulty, and the prize inside was worth it.

7) Which is gift box design is your favourite? Why? 
The Eventful Gift, by far. I love the mix of the different shades of blue and the various Christmas symbols on it.

8) In your opinion, were the Giftsplosion achievements this year fair? Why?  
Well, it depends on your definition of "fair." If you believe people who earned the robux needed to get the DevEx gift deserved something, or if you think people who spent multiple hours in TWH deserve another prize, then it's fair. But if you think people, no matter the join date, deserve a shot at the gifts, then no, it's not fair. As for me, I believe that if you put in the hard work to get the robux or badges needed to get those gifts, then you deserve something for it.

9) If you were to devise a gift achievement for next year's giftsplosion, what would it be? 
 Usually, the gifts are based on features that were added in the previous year, and since Universes are coming out soon, maybe for making a Universe? It would be a simple gift to earn, and anyone who actively builds should earn it. Yeah, I think that'd be a good gift achievement.

10) If you were to design a gift box texture for next year's giftsplosion, what would it look like? Just for the sake of staying constant, I'll think of a texture for a Universe Gift box. Maybe something futuristic, like along the lines of the iEgg? I think that would be a nice gift for any sci-fi fans on ROBLOX.

Thanks for reading!

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