Saturday, December 21, 2013

Interview with EmeraldRooster!

Season's greetings ROBLOXians! Today I bring you the second gift interview of the holidays. I managed to catch up with ROBLOX forumer EmeraldRooster who was more than willing to answer a few questions! 

1) How many gifts did you obtain this year? Are you pleased with this figure?
I obtained 8 gifts. I am pleased since in previous years it was harder for people to obtain gifts.

2) Of these gifts, how many did you earn and how many did you purchase?
I earned 7 and purchased 1.

3) What is your view on the gift prices this year? 
I thought most of the gifts were reasonably priced.

4) Of the gift items released this year, which is your favourite? Why?
My favorite is probably the sparkle coal. I am a gear collector myself and most of the items that come out of gifts are hats and not gear.

5) Which gift do you believe was the best value for Robux? 
I thought they made the unluckiest gift a good price. It was cheap enough for anyone to afford it and it turned out to be a good gift.

6) Did you enjoy hunting for the badges for the two badge gifts this year? If so, how? 
I enjoyed earning most of them however some of them took a bit too long.

7) What Christmas item from previous a previous year would you most like to see return to the ROBLOX Catalog?
I would like to see the Jolly Elf and Candy Cane Cap return. They were both cheap, great hats.

8) Overall, do you believe the gift requirements were fair this year? Why?
They were very fair compared to previous years. I would say 85% of the gifts were obtainable without any kind of membership.

9) If you were to device a gift achievement for next year's annual Giftspolosion, what would it entail? 
I would want a gift for foruming. Something like 5000 posts since they have never done anything like that before. If it were to go onsale I would want it to be at least 10k since it takes a long time to get that many forum posts.

10) What is your favourite Christmas food? 
Some nice pie

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News