Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Well Outfitted Gift of Style

Hello! Pbjms here with the first Gift Guessers of Giftsplosion 2013. The first gift, alike every other first gift of the season, is always the easiest. Sadly, they're basing the gifts off of the recently added updates like they did for the past year, which, in my opinion, was the worst Giftsplosion so far. So, down to some gift guessing.

Well Outfitted Gift of Style
So, it's down to the question everybody is asking: "How do I get this gift?"

Pb's Theory: Create at least one outfit to get this gift for free.

The name of the gift is, Well Outfitted Gift of Style. So, I find it pretty obvious that this gift involves creating an outfit, based on the word "outfitted" being used in the name of the gift. Now, down to the description of the gift; "Santa takes style seriously. Luckily his outfit works for all occasions." Based on that description, it's really quite obvious that this gift will be for creating an outfit. "Santa takes style seriously. Luckily his outfit works.." Yeah, more outfit related stuff.

Arb's Theory: Create an outfit named 'Santa'

Because of the colour-scheme and the dozen-or-so Santas covering the paper wrapping, the gift may require users to create an outfit (using the method outlined below) named 'Santa'. This is probably not the case, because it's the first gift which they aim to be as simple as possible. Still worth a try, and there's nothing to lose. As a side-note to Pbjms' theory - you may need to create a number of outfits (maybe 10?) to satisfy the gift requirements. Again this is unlikely and would seem a little trivial, but no harm-done if you over compensate eh?  

Outfit Tutorial

Now, some of you may be wondering exactly HOW to create an outfit. Well, I'll tell you.

First, go to your Character page. You know, that little button over there, next to Profile and Friends. Image

After that, your screen should look something like this.

Now, go to the Outfit tab to view the outfits page, and click this button in the corner.


Then, you're done.

Thanks for reading!

~pbjms and arbirator~