Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Festive Gift of Impossiblity

Ok, I'm back with this Gift Guesser after I was too late for it yesterday and my post was stolen. -sniffle- Just kidding, I don't really care. I mean, the gift yesterday was probably the easiest to figure out so far. Or was it? Today's gift, Festive Gift of Impossibility, sounds impossible. But really, it's just.. the same exact thing as the gift yesterday. Ugh. Unoriginal. But hey, badge gifts are a whole lot more fun than new feature ones. 

Festive Gift of Impossibility
Okay, so, this gift really doesn't need a theory, seeing as how the description is just a grouping of 7 IDs:
62592460, 132345501, 117136113, 55843753, 91323278, 122924107, 137697370
As you could probably infer after yesterday, those are all badge IDs. This time though, the badges are a bit harder. Okay, a lot harder. So, instead of giving random theories about the gift, I'm just going to go over the badges.


Fork in the RoadFork in the Road Okay, this is already starting off to an annoyingly hard start. This badge is awarded for completing this game twice, one with each of the two different endings. To get each ending, you have to either disobey or obey the voice. NO, you don't have to obey or disobey everything, just the majority of commands. So when he says, "Use WASD to move," I'm fairly sure you CAN'T disobey that, but you have to obey or disobey everything else. Place
50 Damage50 Damage - Okay, so this is more annoying than hard. To get it, you just have to deal 50 damage to either the beast or the players if you are the beast. Of course, it's not easy. Why? Well, each shot does 5 damage. There aren't any gun upgrades. There need to be 10+ people in the server. People are annoying. Place
BanditBandit - This badge is probably one of the easiest in the list, unless your computer is really slow. All you have to do to get it is get a total of three kills. That's it. If you want to easily do this, I suggest going to somewhere like Gusmanak's Mansion for some good loot. The easiest gun to get this with is an automatic, military style weapon, like the mk-47, or SCAR-L. Place
Lava-Cave Mini-game ChampionLava-Cave Mini-game Champion - Okay so this one really doesn't involve anything special. Go to the giant dirt wall with tons of rocks sticking out, find one of the many ways inside, and climb around inside without falling into the lava until you find this badge. It's really not as hard as it sounds, and VIP for bonuses is really cheap here. Place
Bronze minigames medal--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bronze Minigames Medal - This badge is a lot easier than it sounds. You have to simply play over 10 games that consist of a randomly chosen minigame, and have a win ratio of over 10%. If you have to play 10 games, and win 10% of them.. that's only winning 1 game minimum. Simple. Place
Golden Fleece
At least the badge looks good.
Golden Fleece - Alright, without bashing too much on how awful this game is, I'm just going to quickly tell you how to get this badge. All you have to do is run around the map and collect the four different weapons at different stations: Ice Axe, Trident, Ice Breaker, and the Beach Battle Sword. Their locations consist of the places in the original SFOTH that hold the different swords like Darkheart and stuff. All I can say is, good luck at this awful place. Place
The Iron ThroneThe Iron Throne - This badge is really annoying to get. You are put in a giant map with tons of stamper parts everywhere, and you are supposed to find Shedletsky's pointy chair. Well, it's in a giant golden castle somewhere. The castle is hard to miss, but it's really annoying to find. Good luck with this one - some weapons are allowed here, and you know how the community is.. Place
Thanks for reading!