Sunday, December 22, 2013

Roblox News Festivities: Giftplosion, Site Logo, Group Logo

Image kindly provided by Sporeman15
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you ROBLOXians out there! This month has already been a blast; with the successful ROBLOX 2013 Giftsplosion, the excellent gamecard items and of course the stylish seasonal themed items (both new and old) available in the catalog. The Siege of Quebec added an extra surprise to budding ROBLOX gamers and even rewarded the vigilant among them with cool virtual hats. Roblox News has joined in with the Christmas cheer and has festivities of its own to bring to the blocky table.

Roblox News Giftsplosion 2013 

May I present to you the Roblox News 2013 Giftsplosion - an annual seasonal event where I (Arbirator) release a set of gifts (in model format) which I make available at specific points between now and the end of the month. In previous year's I have released gift boxes with encoded descriptions, that when deciphered reveal the exact time they will be put on sale on the catalog. Some I release as freebies, but some are more cryptic as mentioned above. On top of the puzzling gifts, I release a Roblox News themed gift to celebrate the achievements of the blog in that calendar year and as a special thanks to the thousands of fans that support the blog on a daily basis. Without the readers, this blog would never have reached this far. These boxes are regarded by myself as quite collectable and serve as a staple as to when a reader started following the blog.

Three of the gift boxes have already been uploaded to my models, with keen gift collectors already owning one of them. The uploaded gift models are as follows:

Bedazzling Orange Retro Gift 

Bedazzling Orange Retro Gift
"Bedazzling is the design, but in what respect is it retro?"  This gift was available on two separate Retro Hours. From 10:30-11:30 AM Central on the 16th December and from 4:00-5:00 PM Central on the 18th December. It will be opening soon!

Beautifully Vibrant Gift of Bubbles
Beautifully Vibrant Gift of Bubbles
"I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air They fly so high, nearly reach the sky Then like my dreams they fade and die". I'll give you a clue with this one; it's to with blurbs, well, one blurb in particular...

The Wonder Gift 
The Wonder Gift
"Creating content admired by the community. You are a wonder". Ok, I'll admit it, this one is going to be pretty exclusive, but hey, that's life. 

More gifts are to come, including the collectable yearly RN themed gift - so look out for that!

Festive Site Logo and Group Logo

Roblox News
By TheInnovative

To bring about the Christmas cheer we have decided to make use of two themed logos to accompany our blog and our official group over on ROBLOX. The site logo was created by our very own Catalog Analyst: TheInnovative (previously known as Chubbs21). I particularly liked his design choice of the piled ROBLOX gifts from 2012 with different sizes to reflect the reality of Christmas items buried beneath the tree. I loved the addition of Santa and an Elf which really reflects the Christmas cheer and plays on the traditional mindset we have of the holiday. The old style background and font really cemented this traditional feeling, completing the RN Christmas site logo.

ROBLOX News Official Group
By Chris7198

The group logo on the other hand was created by long time fan of the blog: CYNICALCHRIS. Chris managed to captivate the feel of our default group logo (devised by none other than Assistant Editor IBarrageI) whilst adding a traditional Christmas theme. The blend of the snowman, elf and Santa Claus really presents the seasonal theme well, with players easily identifying its purpose. I also applaud the font style in which it captures a more seasonal theme than our default logo, with a more 'fun' look to it that you might seen on promotional Christmas material.

 Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!

 Editor of Roblox News