Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Rush Quick Guide

Hello guys :D This is my latest post, and I am sorry for taking soooo long!
I am sure all of you are excited for Christmas, looking forward to waking your parents up at 6 in the morning to look in stockings, running upstairs or downstairs to the Christmas tree for the presents, eating Christmas dinner and maybe celebrating it all with family and friends that aren't normally around!

The Christmas Rush is an amazing game where you make, paint and wrap gifts. All the while you are dressed as an Elf, and you deliver the gifts to Santa's Sleigh and gain Cookies. Christmas Rush has been around since 2011 I think, although I started to play it in 2012. I think it is an amazing game,  because to see the young children talking about Santa, and Christmas, it makes me feel happy to know people still believe in him.

The clip below is my way to make cookies quick:

[1] Buy the Exclusive VIP Game Pass
[2] Buy the Half-Speed VIP Game Pass
[3] Join the game
[4] Go to the Storage Room, and get 3 Strings
[5] When you get 50 cookies, go in the Workshop
[6] To the left of the workshop, there is a little room, go in
[7] To the left hand side of the little room, there will be 2 potions, buy the blue one - You will be faster at walking
[8] When you get 100 cookies, go back and buy the red potion - You will get +3 cookies per gift
[9] Now you just get 3 strings, go to Magic Infusers (Near Plastic Modeling) to make them into Gravity Coils
[10] Then head into Gift Wrapping and make them into Presents
[11] Then go to the back of the Sleigh, and click it - then click all the presents
[12] Do this over and over

I have all Badges, except the Beta Tester ones. It took me roughly 3 hours maybe a bit more. Everyone starts of with a Crafting Book. This tells you how to make everything, and for people with Exclusive VIP you just get a finished item (Only Guitars, Swords, Skateboards, String, Sleighs and RoPeds) and put it in a Magic Infuser.

Hope this helps you guys :D

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