Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catalog-related Gifts of July!

The Patriotic Gift of Independence from last week has opened, and inside was Dominus Aurantiacis. Four people managed to get the gift and those are wwemaniac99 (first person to get it), ErnieTheGreatest, slingy11, and refreshingwater (he didn't complete the puzzle but he wanted it and is a staff member).
Here are the answers for the puzzle.

1. Uncle Sam's Top Hat. This one was the easiest out of all the answers for the puzzle.
2. American Cowboy. Another easy to find answer, especially if you know limiteds well.
3. Washington's Hat. This one is very easy, unless you don't know American history. Some people got it wrong because the hat they thought was the answer was Washington-related but not made in 2009 like I said.
4. True Patriot. I was shocked at the amount of people that got this one wrong. Many people told me the name of helloppl1404's newest patriotic helm retexture, which is different from the actual patriotic helm retexture he got published in 2011. In fact, you could just read his blurb and you would have the answer. I specifically said that I was looking for hats as the answers.
5. Policy Wonk. This one is much harder to find than the others, as it is nearly impossible to find in the catalog. The quickest way to find it is to go to recently updated and search "washington" and it should appear.

Congratulations to those who got it, and 5 new catalog-related gifts have appeared! Here's how to get each one.

1. Psychedelic Gift of Rainbows
This one is easy, PM me (NonstopEpic) the rarest rainbow hat on ROBLOX and you'll get it.

2. Great Gift of Gifts
For this one you must PM NonstopEpic the answers to all 6 puzzles. Each puzzle is describing an item that came out of an actual ROBLOX gift. (So in other words, this is the same thing you did for the patriotic gift, but different items.) NOTE: THE ANSWERS ARE THE ITEMS THAT CAME OUT OF THE GIFTS, NOT THE GIFTS THEMSELVES.
Item 1: The rarest of the 2007 gift hats.
Item 2: A 2008 gift hat that is very similar to the Riddling Skull.
Item 3: A 2009 gift hat that is a lot like the Pinstripe Fedora and many exist.
Item 4: An "epic" 2010 gift item.
Item 5: A Halloween 2011 gift hat that trolled everyone who bought it. Problem?
Item 6: The most favorited gift hat of Christmas 2011.

3. Obvious Gift of Epicness
PM NonstopEpic the names of all 4 dominuses to get this gift. I can guarantee that whatever is coming out of it is going to be very EPIC, so get it while you can.

4. Fiery Gift of Swords
For this gift, PM NonstopEpic the names of all the Sword Fights on the Heights IV swords (not including linked sword.)

5. Fabulous Gift of TS
The last one was originally going to be obtainable by another puzzle-sort of thing, but since Trading System just recently came out it's free for everyone for a limited time.

The deadline to get all the gifts is Saturday afternoon. I know it's a very short period of time and that's because I'm going on vacation for two weeks after this and can't do gifts then.