Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hola, I'm Zakary99!


Hello, I'm the new intern and yes I am shadowing RefreshingWater...
When I first joined ROBLOX, I wasn't very in knowledge with it as I am now. I mean... when I first started ROBLOX, I never thought I'd get a twitter account, lots of friends and internship at ROBLOX news. It's quite an amazing surprise for me, but I think I can handle it. On ROBLOX in 2008 when I joined I just played games and obstacle courses. At that time I wasn't very in-depth, but now I do much more. The first game I ever played on ROBLOX was iPhone Obby, it was a very confusing game. And my computer lagged very much because I didn't have the computer I have now on it. But I think if I played it now, it would be as easy as saying "I am amazing". (very easy)

I can program, I wouldn't say advanced, but intermediate maybe. I have nice gaming skills and I do think about them alot...

Roblox news and Roblox have been my favorite sites for around 1-2 years now. And I couldn't have picked better sites. I've tried to become a member at ROBLOX news a lot of times, but I decided I needed to improve my English skills and applied to be an intern so I could learn about it so I might get a job next time.

I have been interested in two jobs for this past year in ROBLOX news, Scripting Tutorials and reviewing. But to be honest I'm more interested in the art of reviews and opinions.

I am honored to have internship at such a wonderful site, and I hope this improves all my skills so maybe I could become an actual staff member here.

My ROBLOX Ambitions:
I have few roblox ambitions.
1: Be web-famous on ROBLOX.
2: Attend a Roblox Game Conference
3: Become a staff member at ROBLOX news.
4: Work at ROBLOX.

Some of those ambitions are very hard to fulfill because I live in England, UK. But I am now on holiday from school and will be able to post more. I have 6 weeks away from school so I have more posts coming soon. But don't expect too many, I am reading RefreshingWater's posts more often so I can learn all that makes his posts so attractive and interesting.

Please read my posts! :)

And follow me on twitter for updates if you wish...