Monday, July 23, 2012

The Secret To Great Roblox Building!

Hi, there. Yes it's me, Zakary99 the new intern. On my article today, I will be showing you and explaining to you why games are so persuasive to play and how they are built so well...

Now, first we must get to know why people like to play certain games. Well, I'll tell you. Most games have lots of good programming, building and that makes people want to view and visit them. You may not know, but you visit a place because you like the look of it and you find the look really good. Or you visit it because you would like to complete it. But the amount of visitors, always depends on the quality. A few games that have visitors because of the quality...

  1. Sword Fighting Tournament; great scripts, impressive gameplay
  2. Freeflight; nice gameplay, fun, and beautifully, smooth code.
  3. Destruction Derby; very funny, great destroying fun and obviously amazing.
Now all these games are fun, but what makes them fun is a different concept. Games can be made great by scripts, building and graphic design. Also, the game being more realistic helps- In Roblox they made the game very hard to make look realistic; this is where CFraming comes in. CFraming makes games and objects look like what they would look like in real life. Like in my last review- Lumber Tycoon. It has realistic plank and log CFrames. CFraming is very hard, but you can find plugins that simplify CFraming into simple Guis.

The first step to making a good game on ROBLOX is planning. All ROBLOX games should be planned. This way you can know your aim, and maybe perfect it after the rough outline of the game is developed. With planning you can easily know what you need to do to the game. Earlier this week I was making a game, but it was just to see what I could do. And I hadn't finished it. But I made a rough outline of a house- and it did look very realistic.

Once you've made the rough outline of the game- perfect it. Make everything look amazing and the best of the best. An example of a player that makes the game look the best of the best is Crazyman32. Yes, crazyman32 has been on ROBLOX for a long time. Slowly progressing his skills. And now look at stranded. A great game!(Although it isn't finished!!)

When all of that has been done, you can start scripting. Scripting is a very easy thing to do in ROBLOX once you get the hang of it. I would recommend looking at some of our tutorials or the wiki. The wiki can be found in-game by pressing either 'F8', or 'F9'. (I really cannot remember!)

Once all of that has been completed, you want to start thinking about showing people- showing friends,  maybe sharing the game. Advertising. Showing what the game is really like. Now don't expect instant OVAR 9000 visitors. You have to work towards getting those. Advertisements-VIPs, all those things that make players want to visit the game. VIPs make players come back. VIPs make the player come back because they do not want to waste their money!!

Just to get you started:

Thanks for reading!
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