Friday, July 20, 2012

Dual Katanas of the DarkAge Clan: Bad Investment

Just a few days ago, ROBLOX created this gear. Now this gear didn't really look like a fail. It actually look pretty awesome. It was the Dual Katanas of the DarkAge. I thought, by the appearance, that these would sell out so quickly and make a huge profit. But it still hasn't sold out. Maybe people don't like Katanas?  I still haven't used the katanas yet and I don't know what they do but by their appearance, they would look like a win any day.  I think the reason they failed was the overstockage and the overpricing. When there are too much of something, and too many, there is a very small chance it'll profit off of nicely. Many Robloxians probably wanted this gear but not many Robloxians have the money to buy it.

I'm thinking that ROBLOX might release another "Bribe" for this. ROBLOX continues to move this to the top of the catalog and continues to get the attention of other people but no one will buy a gear that won't profit or that is just too overpriced. If ROBLOX leaks out a texture of a "bribe" like they did for the Evil Vizer, this gear might sell out. But if not, I'm not thinking that this gear will sell out anytime soon. It might even take as long as Telamon's Foe HammerBut if you did like these, or the DarkAge series, there are plenty more DarkAge limiteds. I won't get into details for these other limiteds but here they are.

The DarkAge Ninja Kitteh also doesn't look like it might profit off of nicely. If you look at the graph to the side, on July 10, this nearly dropped to 0R$ and the price isn't very consistent.

There is also a DarkAge Dual Kamas which is kind of sketchy. Again, if you look at the graph, the scale goes up and down. Maybe, if you were to buy it at the right time, you could make a nice profit. It seems like every four days it raises but lowers quickly after.

So I wanted some user feedback on these katanas and where else to look but LMaD? I interviewed duh101 who answered my questions perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better interviewee.

1. First of all, did you buy this gear?
No. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would fail. Nothing with a 5k price and 1k stock will sell out in less than a month.
A few examples:
Psychadelic Top Hat
Korblox King

2. What was your first reaction to this gear?Eww. Bad design for a katana. It should look like a sword, not a pointy stick.
3. If this gear's price was lowered would you buy it?
Maybe. The style of it is not very good. If it was less than 500 I'm positive it would've been sold out in 5-20 mins.
4. Vise versa, if the stockage was lowered would you buy it?
Only if the stock was 50 so alot of noobs couldn't buy.
5. How long do you think it will take to sell?
It will probably be on sale until the end of July. Maybe mid-August.
6. Do you think ROBLOX will release a "bribe" for this?
No. They never have and never will.
7. And lastly what do you think of this gear?
The sword itself is ok. It does decent damage. More users would have bought it if the price was lower because not everyone has 5k spare.
Thanks to duh101 and you can view his profile here.

Overall, the DarkAge series isn't a good series to try to profit off of but if you got lucky you might be able to profit something off of the Dual Kamas.

Overall Profit: 2/10

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