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Lumber Tycoon Place Review

Lumber Tycoon
Lumber Tycoon Place Review
A tycoon that takes hard work and lots of chopping! Not just a tycoon where you earn money every 5 minutes. A tycoon that has a point to it. Yes, this is lumber tycoon. Some of you may have played it, some of you may have not.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the game, is that I was a far distance away from a tycoon, that may be counted as an issue. But I find it fine, but maybe a bit to much distance.
But it's not a bad spawn, you spawn right next to the place where you could buy and sell logs/planks. So it's not all too bad.

When I found a tycoon that was empty I made a sawmill and I chopped wood from small trees, the trees are bigger and smaller, the big ones give you a multiple number of logs. The small trees only give you +1 to your leaderboard. I chopped 3 pieces of wood and... the tree fell apart and I got 1 log!

After that I deposited my log in what they call the sawmill, the log moves on a little conveyor belt, which then goes through a black hole that turns it into a plank! Planks can be sold for money, and the sawmill has an "Increase Efficiency" so you can increase the amount of planks you get every time you deposit a log. You can also sell logs, however you increase profit if you convert the log into a plank and then sell it.

The game also has a shop, the shop has various things. Like saws that you can buy to increase the chopping power so that wood chops quicker. And you can also sell your logs or planks there. The CFrames on the logs there are impressive, indeed. The logs and planks look like they've just been piled with no organization, this makes them look very neat because on ROBLOX it's not easy to perform this kind of CFraming.

The scripting on this game has been very well made, the sawmill that turns logs into planks, with the efficiency increase. The upgrades... all of it. The creator, Defaultio, must have spent a lot of time thinking this through. But look what he came up with... I'm guessing the trees took a long time to code, because he had to make the axe work, then he had to make the trees give a certain amount of logs every time they're chopped. So yeah, it must have took a while.

Scripting: 10/10
Yes, I have given the scripting a ten out of ten. I know the scripting has given off a massive impression to me. I could really never even imagine programming it!!!

Tools: 9/10
Maybe some faster saws, or maybe even stronger ones. But other than that, I think they are amazing.

Development: 8/10
Yes, the development is very good. I could have asked him to create more realistic parts on the trees to make them stand out and show more originality.

Problems: 9/10
I haven't experienced any problems in this game other than an exploiter which didn't really bother me because I just joined another server. Perhaps anti-exploit script though?

Difficulty: Mard, (medium and hard)
I have given it Mard because it is quite hard, but then again it is very medium. So I couldn't decide. I had to do mard.

Front Cover Photo: 9/10
Yes, the front cover does stand out, it appealed to me. But perhaps he could have made it the game in action so it gives more of a view of what the game is like so you know if you would like it or not...

Building: 9/10
Yes the building could have been better, I expected the trees to be CFramed better, and more realistic than blocky. But other than that I couldn't see anything wrong with it!

Yes it is very FUN! I love the game itself, but I have heard people say "arrgh! When will I get my monehz!" and "GRRR I'm LEAVING" and rage quit, but I don't know why they did. It's a fantastic game, with fantastic building!

Improvements that could be made:
And that's about it!
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Lumber Tycoon

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