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Epic Mining Two BETA Moan-Up Place Review

Epic Mining 2 BETA

I'm scrolling through the front page, as you do. And I think, "why don't I review this game. It looks fun, it sounds fun! Maybe it will surprise me". But get ready because we're about to bust this mystery right open!

So, I've entered the game, and I am greeted by an outstanding GUI that roams around the base. It shows small shops and then asks you whether you want to load a saved game, or start a new one. The base is surrounded by slate that is very uneven. This makes the game look somewhat realistic. The game has a beautiful land that's very alluring. But then... I see the GUIs! This was VERY, VERY troublesome and frustrating. I came to the game to play it, not to have my screen filled up with a mass amount of GUIs that are not necessary. This is an issue that the creator could easily fix. But the creator obviously wants us to suffer the death of GUI sickness!

There are three buildings, The Refinery, The Oil Refinery and The Shop. These three buildings are very well built and CFramed. The three buildings all have MORE Guis appear when you step up on the counter. The refinery gives you the option to sell your goods, the Oil Refinery lets you sell Oil, and the shop lets you obtain upgrades and special gears to help you, but for a price. When you are in the game, you will find these very useful.

There is a pathway which leads you to the mining zone. The mining zone is an 8x8 square grid of dirt. The materials aren't very realistic, they're just blocks that you mine. It would be great if it was CFramed bricks that you mine. That would make my face be full of happiness! But it's not, so stop dreaming. The game isn't much of a challenge, the only challenge in the game is finding Diamond. But everything else is easily found. I dug two blocks down and I found gold. So I didn't find the game much of a challenge... 

The game doesn't really have an aim. It's just mining, and selling. That's practically all you do. The only other things you do is glitch, or buy. You really don't achieve anything when you play this game. I asked a ROBLOXian named 'Kyleslaney' what he liked about this game, his response was "I like this game, and I don't find any problems with it".

Now to the scripting, the scripting is very good. A lot of people would love to be able to script like this. The game has a mining tool that can be upgraded. The game also creates a new brick every time you dig a brick down. After a certain amount of time, the game regenerates, it removes all the bricks that other users have mined, and restarts the game. The only thing you are left with is the things you buy, and the leaderboard.

Scripting: 9.5/10

The game is almost a 10/10 scripted game, it would have made it with better scripts that could handle CFrames and less bugs.

Tools: 9/10
The tools are great with amazingly programmed upgrades, but my only flaw with tools is that sometimes you get two pickaxes instead of one.

Development: 9/10
Yes, the development is great. But I would have preferred CFramed blocks that you mine instead of big cubes.

Problems: 9.5/10
Again the GUI is my only problem. I have seen nobody exploit or break the roblox rules on this game!

Difficulty: Very Easy
This game is a very easy game. You don't have to work hard. All you have to do is click. The mining never gets harder- everything mines at the same speed. So it's not harder to get more expensive materials. As I said before I dug out gold two blocks down...

Front Cover Photo: 10/10
Very, very persuasive. I loved the front cover photo, it really made me want to play.

Building: 7/10
The building was nice, with all those beautiful CFrames on the buildings, but I could have seen better. 

This does change depending on the person you are. But to be honest, the game is mining, that's it. You haven't made an achievement if you get 1000 points, you mine to an undiscovered depth or you get a pickaxe upgrade. It's just mining.

Thought (NEW!): 4/10
I don't think this game had much thought put into it, because there is no special elements. It just copies other mining games.

Overall the game has quite some effort, but lacked some thought! If the creator thought more about it, it could have been better.

There is lots more I could rant about! But if I wrote that down, you'd be here all day!

  • A GUI Open/Close button.
  • Mining carts
  • Complete the game!
This game was made by Piedude777.
At the time of the review Epic Mining Two Beta had been favorited 131,794 times and was visited 2,167,134 times.
Epic Mining Two BETA was created 1/16/2010.

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